An Exercise in Absolute Futility: Chapter Seven

This is a clearly analysed exposition of the what I have come to understand about the sector that I work in. This, more than anything is why the UK suffers fatherlessness on the most appalling scale. Working as I do with generational family separation, I know that unless we begin to dismantle this, we will never begin to restore the relationships between children and their fathers which have been discarded in the name of feminism. Thank you Ex Injuria for your careful and diligent work, only by writing our own narratives and providing our own analyses will we change the future for our children. Just as second wave feminists became active in all spheres of policy and practice, it is time for an equalities movement which provides its own research, Studies and written and verbal response to the troubles of our time.


The False Paradigm



If we put across this idea that the abuse of men is as great as the abuse of women, then it could seriously affect our funding.

Sandra Horley, CEO of Refuge (Wolff, 1992)



We have seen that the courts operate to a series of ideologies which combine successfully to exclude fathers from their children’s lives.  The challenge for a mother’s legal team is to remove the presumption of non-intervention, expressed in the Children Act as the ‘no order’ rule, and to displace the father’s right to be considered an equal parent.  This is most easily achieved by an allegation of child abuse or spousal violence

The feminist challenge to destroy the family can thus be redefined as the challenge to remove the father.  Three factors have enabled this.  The first was to re-educate the public and policy makers into embracing an entirely false…

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  1. Hi Karen Thank you for sending this excellent link to me, but I have already read it. F4J were pretty stupid to lose Nick because you were deemed a suitable target. That man is one quality academic. Makes a complete mockery of the average so called academic. Regards Vincent.


  2. Very good spot, Karen. This person speaks eloquently of the largely invisible problems faced by separated fathers when dealing with the hostile social systems that surround and affect us today.


  3. This quote articulates well what most of us already know but cannot say for fear of being labeled abusive just for saying it.

    Cheers, Mr. Abusive (finally coming to terms with my manhood, a bit late, but better late than never).


  4. I meant to ask how we can read the articles which are password protected. Is this arcane knowledge meant only for the initiated?


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