Parental Alientation Guidance at the Family Separation Clinic

The Family Separation Clinic is a venture that we have been working on for some time and I am delighted to say that we are now able to offer an expanded service direct to families across the UK.

The Clinic is located in London where we offer a range of services to support parents and children going through divorce and separation. Our services are designed to help both parents build strong and collaborative relationships through and beyond separation in ways that put their childrens needs first at all times.  We are committed to delivering a service which is tailored to each individual family circumstance to ensure that your children are supported in the best ways possible.

At the Clinic we are also focused upon delivering services to families with complex needs where issues such as parental alienation are present.  We are specialists in working with children who reject a parent after separation and can offer a range of services which include our multi model intervention which combines therapy with parenting co-ordination as well as guidance and education.

We have a number of associate professionals working with us at the Clinic and we will be introducing those to you over the coming months.  In the meantime, to meet the overwhelming demands for guidance and advice on parental alienation issues, I will be holding a special Parental Alienation Guidance Clinic on Wednesdays for the coming three months.  The Clinic is based in Central London but I will also be able to offer Skype and Telephone sessions to meet the needs of people across the country.

Consultations will cost £70 per hour and can be booked by emailing  I have five sessions available each Wednesday and places will be offered on a first come basis between December and March 2014.  

I am often asked to give advice and information about parental alienation and related problems and where possible I try to give as much generic advice as I can free of charge.  I also write extensively about the issue on this blog.  However, to properly assist any family takes time as I have to assess, analyse and then recommend strategies which are designed individually.  I am only able to do this by spending time concentrating upon cases.  By offering consultations I can assist families in a much more concrete and detailed way.

The charges for consultations go to funding the work of the Clinic in researching the issues around alienation and developing treatment routes to respond to it.

The Clinic also offers Therapeutic Mediation and Parenting Co-ordination, both of which are valuable support in ensuring that relationships between children and both parents are maintained and kept strong through and beyond family separation.  All of our work is underpinned by our committment to gender equality and the rights of children to enjoy ongoing strong and sustained relationships with both of their parents after separation.

The Clinic also delivers training to professionals and consultancy to Local Authorities working with high conflict family separation.

To enquire about our full range of services please contact

To book a consultation with Karen Woodall please contact


The Family Separation Clinic is part of Separated Families Europe Ltd –  a not for profit company (07298170) 





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