Pilgrim Fathers: walking for alienated children everywhere

Pilgrim Fathers: walking for alienated children everywhere

Thank you to the modern day Pilgrim Fathers, a small group of men who have walked from the Royal Courts of Justice to Canterbury Cathedral to raise awareness of the plight of children alienated from a parent. In the poignant words of one of the pilgrims, walking up to 20 miles a day wasn’t easy, but it was worth it for this cause:

“On Wednesday, I was walking on my own. I’d been going for so long, my legs felt numb, but that was fine, because it reminded me of how I had felt during the court process myself.

“I really felt like my children were walking with me, then.”

The pilgrims handed in a petition to the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral (pictured with two of the pilgrims), the Dean has promised to hand the petition to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In this world where women are dancing, singing, twittering, facebooking, flash mobbing and otherwise generally make a big song and dance about the issues that affect them, these men walked quietly, for twenty miles each day, to raise awareness of the issues which affect them and their children. From where I was looking, this didn’t raise much interest anywhere at all. In a world where all of what being a man is, from fatherhood to football,  controlled by women and their issues, this quiet, dedicated walk by men who have suffered forced separation from children they love, exemplifies the deep care and devotion that men as fathers bring to the world.

Thank you all Pilgrim Fathers, for what you do for children everywhere.


  1. Been on my own walk now for the last 5+ years……..legs are okay because its not far from the car to the Court……..but my senses are becoming numb.

    However, like many other parents in a similar situation I ignore my pain and keep going for the sake of my children.

    Well done to those lads for quietly raising awareness with such dignity.


    1. A pleasure….hasn’t quite received the support that a damaged painting has done …but I hope the beginning of more to come. If you havent seen your children for that length of time then I would suggest finding and joining a page on FB …Dads lost 100 days.


    2. It is the quiet dignity of so many fathers that impresses me, why would so many fathers keep on keeping on through all of the suffering of forced separation, through all of the indignities and injustices if their love for their children were not at the heart of all that they do. Those who cannot see it are, in my view, deadened to their own empathic understanding of the power of a father’s love. I don’t have my father’s love, he walked out and never returned, I know that that does to the soul. There is nothing as precious as the love of a mother and father who are able to put a child’s needs first, last and always. However numb, however heavy your heart, keep on keeping on, your child WILL thank you for it one day. X


  2. Yes, thank you to the Pilgrim Fathers for what they did.

    And yes, while much interest may not have been raised, I hope and pray that, step-by-step, this peaceful protest will start some form of domino knock-on effect within the injustices of family law.

    Sometimes, speaking as a helpless father, it seems such forms of prayer (which I deem this action to be) is apparently all we can do.

    Way to go lads 🙂


    1. I will update regularly on here Matt, as PMK says, your pilgrimage is a prayer and I am certain that the truth will, one day, set all of our children free. K


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