Brainwashing boys: Feminist doctrine for the early years

It is with alarm that I read the latest bulletin from the End Violence Against Women and Girls Coalition – a group of ardent feminist organisations which unashamedly uphold the notion that boys are disproportionately advantaged by virtue of their gender. Proclaiming the support of the Education Secretary, it would appear that EVAWGC’s plan is to shoe horn into the curriculum, additional education for children as young as 11 on issues of rape, pornography and domestic violence (amongst other issues considered by the Coalition to be gender specific). This ‘fact’ sheet, it is headlined, is designed to fill in the gaps in sex education and is backed by the Department for Eduction. Does anyone else find it terrifying that our boys, already behind in performance in class, entry to University, health and wellbeing, lifespan, exposure to violence in the home and outside of it, are about to brainwashed into believing that their life experience is inherently advantaged in comparison to girls? Here’s a few choice points from the fact sheet on the reasons why such an approach is needed.

A whole school approach, including comprehensive SRE teaching as part of PSHE, is needed to support young people and prevent abuse through:

 Challenging notions of male sexual entitlement;

 Preventing abusive attitudes and behaviours being reproduced and taking root;

 Unpicking harmful stereotypes that place responsibility on girls to protect themselves from violence and abuse;

 Addressing the gendered environment in which young people form attitudes and behaviours and navigate relationships;

 And acknowledging the scale of violence against women and girls.

The rest of the document relies upon research which has been disproved in some areas, which is assertion in others and which is set in framework of feminist analysis of women and girls being victims of men and boys. This clearly political context is potentially about to be fed to our children, clearly attempting to diminish boys’ developing sense of self and sexuality whilst enhancing girls’ beliefs that they are entitled to live in a world in which boys will behave as women tell them to. Inculcating our already challenged boys with a sense of shame is not what I call education. I will be writing to the Schools Minister on Monday morning to object to this and asking her to listen to people like Glen Poole from Equality4Men, (the global campaign for men and boys) –  about the issues facing boys in schools.  And how  a real gender equality strategy, in which girls and boys learn together the importance of self care and mutual respect within a framework of balanced not biased facts, would change children’s lives for the better based on truth not a women’s rights agenda.  I suggest you do the same.

The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP

House of Commons




  1. Yes, there are many of us who find the Yvette Cooper et al programme of feminist indoctrination of small boys terrifying. I’ll write to the Rt Hon Nicky Morgan as suggested. But if my sons were just starting school I’d not want to put them through the state meat-grinder.


  2. Hi Karen. Interesting piece, but the first link seems to be broken. If I’m right in this, and it’s fixed, I’ll be very happy to post a link. So former Education secretary Michael Gove – one of the few conviction politicians in the cabinet – was replaced by Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women and Equalities. What could possibly go wrong?

    Mike Buchanan


  3. Oh God Karen, I must admit this post made my cry. I think it’s the culmination of years of reading about feminist indoctrination, attempting ‘debate’ with them, and just the frankly alarming speed at which feminism is bombarding its way into society now. Feminism is like a cultish juggernaut of propaganda, distortion and lies.

    What truly alarms me the most is the almost complete apathy of large swathes of society, minus a small band (comparatively speaking) of MRA’s/Egalitarians/Humanists/Anti-feminists (of whom I admire hugely).

    My sons are 7 & 5, and nobody gives a fuck about their future (apart from the above mentioned), certainly not the government.

    How can we change this? How can we make people wake up? Last year I was so hopeful that people were waking up to feminism, now I just feel totally demoralised that feminism is exploding into the public consciousness largely uncontested.

    Sorry Karen, today I just despair.

    Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight.


  4. This makes my heart sink. Is there no sense anywhere in this compromised and blind-folded world that pits girls, like women against boys and men. This latest feminist input would be a joke were it not the ultimate degenaration, degradation in any even small helping of justice. It’s such a farce. Thank you Karen. Jill


  5. Should we be terrified? Actually Karen, I was terrified ten years ago when a blinding epiphany portrayed the full magnitude of what was about to unfold. Since the 1960’s, countless dominoes have tumbled to the point where few people have any idea which one fell first.

    Today I am watching the game play out in real time as the elites score goal after goal, completely invisible to family campaigners and the men’s rights movement. In football terminology, they are quite literally running rings around us.

    “Terrifying” doesn’t even begin to describe the emotions as this social engineering programme rolls out relentlessly.

    When Rockefeller, and self confessed puppet master George Sorus decided to bankroll the feminist movement, this single action triggered an unstoppable chain of events that brought us to where we are today. Total chaos, as two tribes go to war, exactly as planned. The problem is that hardly anyone knows who arranged the war.

    Witness the vitriolic protest against Men’s Rights Activist Warren Farrell at the University of Toronto.

    It’s a bit late to be terrified don’t you think?


    1. am letting your comment on here Barry but I do not want the whole story of the ephinany again and again. I know what your thoughts are on this but here is not the place to discuss NWO there are other places for that.


      1. I did not mention the NWO. I talked about the funding of feminism through various philanthropic organisations. That’s a fact not a theory. Without this money, the feminist movement would not have a seat round the table at the United Nations, and would not be dictating to national governments regarding educational guidelines and legislation that disadvantage men and boys.

        Quote, “A number of key agreements guide governments and advocates in promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, is often described as an international bill of rights for women. It defines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for national action to end it. Countries that have ratified or acceded to the Convention are legally bound to put its provisions into practice. They must submit national reports at least every four years on measures to comply with treaty obligations.” ends

        Men and boys are being disadvantaged in all developed nations. This is a global phenomenon and requires a global solution.


      2. Yes but the NWO is never far away and so I am happy to have your posts in general but I don’t want this going down the NWO route – that is one perspective on the world, it is not for this blog, there are plenty of others where that is welcome. K


  6. I can only feel really sorry for all those parents with sons, just as I feel bad for non-whites in the US and Palestinians in Israel, two of the most racist countries on the planet.

    No word for gender hate like xenophobia. Sexophobia doesn’t sound right.

    I’m all for raising consciousness about vulnerable people, but this just reeks of discrimination, favoritism, lack of intelligence and hatred of boys and men. Yes, many of them are violent, but the same can be said of girls an women, so I don’t see anything more here than a protracted effort to distract from the real violence, which is that of the state toward its own people and people that threaten their oil interests.

    The government must be paying these so called feminists very well to do this job for them.


    1. In the 1960s, masses of men and women alike stood together against war, imperialism ,racism, poverty and so on. The women’s movement was alive, but there was no incessant need for it to preach hatred. Instead, the youth put love on a pedestal.

      There is nothing worse for belligerent warmongering austerity government than men and woman standing up together and preaching love.

      I’m quite serious when I ask how much these petty minded hacks are getting paid…. Never mind all the damage they are doing.


  7. Dear Ms Morgan

    I have read recently of your intention to use information from the campaign group “End Violence Against Women and Girls Coalition” to promote better education for our children.

    I sincerely hope that if you choose to do this you will balance this with information that will not disadvantage boys nor stigmatise them. Statistics tell us that more violence is committed against boys than girls.

    The general theme to end violence in the context of educating our children should be the respect and care of both male and female. In this Country males mental health is poorer and his academic achievements less than that of his female counterpart. We should be doing more at school to encourage males in a positive way so that both males and females can benefit. All men are not rapists anymore than women are child killers but both have been known to happen. Please keep the gender approach to education in perspective.

    Kind regards



  8. Hello Ms Woodall, I am a student from Miriam College located in the Philippines. Currently I am writing a reseach paper about Family Separation and the effects of it. I have read your blogs and I have some questions to ask. If you find time please contact me through my email . I will await your reply. Thank you.


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