Why systemic family therapy can’t help in cases of parental alienation

Originally posted on Nick Woodall:
Whilst the family courts and the professionals who advise them often recommend family therapy in high conflict cases where children are rejecting one of their parents, systemic family therapy faces the charge that it is not only an ineffective response to parental alienation but is, in many cases, likely to…

Living with an alienated parent: lessons for husbands, wives and partners

This week we have been getting our new project ready for launch and as we do so we have been thinking about the people who live with alienated parents;  the loved ones who have to watch as this horror unfolds and takes a stranglehold of the family.  For those people who have to stand helplesslyContinue reading “Living with an alienated parent: lessons for husbands, wives and partners”

Parental Alienation: Learning, Coping, Healing

Is it possible to understand alienation, never mind cope with it and heal from it? My answer is yes, it is possible to do all three and in doing so, it is possible to pass on the skills that you learn as parent to others too. Whilst many parents have not the first idea howContinue reading “Parental Alienation: Learning, Coping, Healing”

Alienation as a gendered experience

I am prefacing this article with an explanation of what a gendered experience really is.  Experiences being a ‘gender issue’ has been taken by feminists to mean that it only affects women with men as the problem and women as experiencing problems.  Actually, a gendered issue simply means that it affects men and women inContinue reading “Alienation as a gendered experience”