Separating siblings in alienation situations

Those of you who are familiar with the language of parental alienation will be aware of the label ‘target child.’  This label, which is used widely, denotes the child within a family system who has been singled out for the attention of the alienating parent.  Thus we see the common dynamic in such situations, whereContinue reading “Separating siblings in alienation situations”

Taking good care of yourself as an alienated parent

This week I have been knocked out by an influenza virus which has rendered me horizontal for much of the time. Never one to feel comfortable when idle however, I have, in between bouts of gargantuan sneezes, been catching up on all things related to health and wellbeing.  I have also been pondering the relationshipContinue reading “Taking good care of yourself as an alienated parent”

Write me a river: communicating with your alienated child

The word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact – it is silence which isolates Thomas Mann I spend my life writing, I have done so for as many years as I can remember. Writing, for me, is easier than speaking and allows me to translate my feelings, my thoughts and even my unconscious. ItContinue reading “Write me a river: communicating with your alienated child”

Parental Alienation as Domestic Violence: 20 ways to leave your Mugger

In the spirit of New Year this first post is a handy guide to your resolutions if you are an alienated parent. Based on the premise that you cannot change anyone else, you can only change yourself, understanding this guide is written to help you to understand those questions that you ask yourself again andContinue reading “Parental Alienation as Domestic Violence: 20 ways to leave your Mugger”