Family Separation Clinic extends services to Scotland

It is a fact that there are not enough services to support famlies affected by parental alienation in the UK and so it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce to our Scottish readers that we will be opening the doors to an Edinburgh based Clinic in the very near future (May 2015).  Building on our work in Wales and latterly in Ireland, we will be offering the services of the Clinic on a face to face basis on a one day a week basis in Edinburgh.  Whilst this does not allow us to do more than work intensively with more than a handful of cases at a time, it does allow us to offer coaching and guidance services to parents affected by parental alienation. It also allows us to work on cases in the family courts in Scotland, showing how our work makes a difference and how these difficult cases can be approached to bring about change for children in Scotland.

We will be working in partnership with local services in Scotland such as Families need Fathers and other local services providers with whom we will be delivering a wide range of support from psychological services to therapeutic mediation, coaching and guidance.  This is a big step for us in our plan to establish clinical services for families across the country that meet the needs of those affected by family separation.

We have been working in the Family Courts in Wales and Scotland for some time now and establishing a Family Separation Clinic in those locations is a logical step for us to take. Whilst our services are not free of charge (there is zero charitable funding for this kind of service delivery), we plough back all income into our not for profit business to allow us to research and develop our services to fit the needs of the parents we work with.

Fitting the services we deliver to the needs of the parents we work with is what makes our work unique in our view.  We know that working with alienated children requires a shift in mindset and the ability to work against the grain.  We also know that working with rejected parents requires an ability to keep on supporting them even though they face ridicule and blame and all to easy dismissal of their experience or even their importance in their children’s lives.  What we do at the Clinic is not therapy in the way that people expect therapy to be, it is an active and dynamic process, it is supporting, guiding, advising, planning, strategising and devising ways of enabling a rejected parent to achieve whatever is necessary to restore a relationship with their children.  On the way to that we may use therapeutic means but we fit what we do to what the parent needs to navigate the path ahead, a path we are very famliiar with now.

I am delighted to be able to say that we will be delivering our services in Scotland on a weekly basis from May of this year and look forward to welcoming families to use our services either on a whole family basis (we regularly work with the whole family) or individually.  More details of our regular Clinics in Wales and now in Scotland to come next month.

20 thoughts on “Family Separation Clinic extends services to Scotland

    1. Thanks Jane, we are really pleased to be able to extend services, even though it is only on a one day each week basis for now. K


  1. That’s terrific! I wish here in Burlington, Vermont (USA) we had a therapist who specialized in parental alienation but I haven’t been able to locate one. But I’m truly enjoying this site – makes me feel validated and understood.


    1. Thanks Cathy, remember we offer Skype coaching all over the world, we have clients in Australia, Canada and the States, we are happy to assist wherever we can. Glad the site makes you feel validated, look out for our new one as we migrate across to it, we are working hard on it in between other projects right now. K


  2. Karen, with your knowledge and experience many more Children will not be exposed to such cruel abuse by a Parent alienating the other parent.

    With the effort and your commitment many more people will understand the damage that is caused to the Children and wider Family members as a result of Parental Alienation. This is a massive step forward for everyone and Professionals alike to be more open minded as Karen will raise the profile of this terrible cruelty to Children.

    Karen I wish you and all your colleagues all the very best in your new clinic. Welcome to SCOTLAND Karen.


    1. thank you so much for your kind words, we are already working in Scotland as you know and we look forward to serving more families in the coming months and years. K


  3. Hi Karen
    This is fantastic news for families and providing REAL help where it matters most. Great stuff, to have this available in one’s back yard!


    1. Linda, I think your website is fantastic. Brilliant! I am over 12 years down the road as an alienated parent and I feel similar to you. I have remarried and have a wonderful new wife and enjoy my life. I can forgive others, but will not forget their actions, nor the pain and torment I went through. My door will always be open to my daughter who is now 20.


  4. Fantastic news and a warm welcome to Scotland, looking forward to hopefully using your services.
    The work you do is superb and I wish you all the best


  5. I am living the parental alenation right now and it’s horrible I look forward to meeting you,help is what I need.


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