1. The Living Losses day, meeting other ladies suffering at the front line of parental alienation, was one of the most positive experiences I have had since separating from my husband over three years ago.

    To be in a supportive environment, where EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD the heartache and offered unconditional compassion between women who hardly knew each other should allow Karen and Nick to be extremely proud of their vision. The facilitation was extraordinary. We met as individuals and left the day as a group, anxious to learn more and acknowledge each of us as a unit struggling against the same problem together.

    (I have copied this from a post I have just commented on but felt the thanks and feeling was relevant here too.)


    1. I agree, it is the first time I have felt ‘normal’, fully understood and in community with other women since my daughter left. I learnt a lot and felt so well lived and supported. I feel passionately that I want to support the other alienated women I met. You wee all lovely and I hope we meet again. I also want to help drive change for all alienated parents. Thanks so much to Karen, Nick and the wonderful McKenzie friends who came.


    2. Good to meet you. I often think that PA leaves you in a kind of shadow world where most around you do not realise that they are looking at shadows and reflections, not what is real. Coming together in a group that understands the manipulation that goes on is real and hence listen to you, is very powerful.


  2. As a paternal grandmother who hasn’t seen her grand daughters for four years I would like to join in sewing but where do I send my work? I live in the north east. I was hoping to see publicity in the newspapers or a bit on the news, but couldn’t find anything. Last year I emailed a journalist asking if they could publicise alienation awareness day but this person said not. Your blogs are great and I hope in my lifetime (I’m 66) and through your work, alienation will be recognised as the abuse it is. Regards Carol

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