The Unquiet Mind and Unspeakable Acts of Violence

Some weeks I find it difficult to carry the burden of knowledge of what is being done to parents and children in the UK. This is one of them. During the run up to Christmas, that most painful time of year for so many, the narratives and the lives of the people I work with and the faces of their children, stay with me through the night. Surrounded as we are these days in London, by the threat and fear of terrorism, it is unsurprising to me that my mind, usually resiliant, is unquiet. Like parents who live with the loss of their child, in the early hours, those small details of worry and anxiety cause me to be restless. Those of you who cannot sleep because of what you bear are not alone. I am here, in that place where the tides run restless, with you.

This week I have been witness to something so unbearable that unless it is expressed it will haunt me.  This is the essence of what so many parents are grappling with in the midst of the loss of their children and it goes to the very heart of what is wrong with UK family law and, I guess, family law around the world. Dr Childress and his supporters will be glad to hear that what I am speaking about is his category of pathogenic parenting (what I call pure) and the terrible damage that it does to children. The unspeakable nature of this being the acts of utter violence and cruelty which are enacted within this pattern of alienation and the absolute futility of the family justice system’s ability to stop it.

Children are being abused in the UK and we have no methodology to prevent it, no standardised services that even recognise it.  All we have is a legion of people who believe in a political ideology and a handful of clinicians and practitioners who know that this is not the way to help those families where parents are, shall we say, less than psychologically well.

Let me tell you this story. Heavily disguised of course, but a true story of an act of cruelty so unspeakable that for days now I have carried this, unable to know what to do with it.  I cannot imagine what it must mean to have to wake up every morning knowing that your children are in the care of someone who is capable of this.

Three children all reunited with a parent.  One day the children asked the once rejected parent if they may be able to take a much loved treasure that they had also been reunited with back with them for a few days.  The treasure never returned. If only that treasure had been held hostage by the vengeful parent. I think you can guess the real ending. The children involved have been party to an act of unspeakable cruelty and I am awake in the early hours because I know that the reason the children are so incredibly vulnerable to this, is because the other ‘professional’ in the case undermined my work  and ensured the power stayed in the hands of the unwell parent. How can I sleep?  How can that parent whose life has been utterly shattered sleep?

In the light of this, my unquiet mind tells me that  it is all well and good for me to discuss with Dr Childress his pathogenic parenting and it is all well and good for me to recognise those patterns and call it pathogenic, pure or downright sadistic.  What good does it do when we are up against the reality which is that these unwell people can manipulate the family services supposed to support children, in order to maintain their control over them. We have a vast number of social workers, Cafcass workers and other mental health people who simply treat all cases of alienation as a he said/she said situation. And in the midst of that young, vulnerable children are being exposed to the unspeakable cruelty which is their parent’s desire for vengence.

What kind of madness is this, that our families are so regularly torn apart and the children within them placed with people who are capable of unspeakable acts of violence and supported to do so by political ideologues who (appear to me) to lack skill insight and empathy?

Tonight I cannot sleep. Tomorrow I will because the exercising of my unquiet mind and the processing of the helplessness I feel in facing this and being unable to stop it, will let me.

I imagine it will be a long long time before that parent sleeps through the night again.



  1. This sounds like every case I’ve known about, minus actually being able to see their children, in spite of court orders.


    1. But it is not like every case I have known about and in this case the reunification work was done and revenge has still been taken…


  2. Karen, what to say. In truth there is nothing to say, the words just get washed away with the awfulness of it all. I will never understand how one human being can continue unabated in these tragic acts of cruelty, because those in authority won’t or don’t want to listen. I to lie awake at night with horrific stories in my head, of course they aren’t stories they are true facts. Why does this continue to happen, I despair.


    1. Me too Jane and last night it was just too much to bear, the thought of those children being made party to such cruelty and the intolerable impact of that upon them is what kept me away. I, like you, am human. Some of these people, I fear, are psychopathic in their make-up and divorced from their humanity. Horrible to bear witness to. I send you my very best support, I know you know what is happening out there. K


  3. Privileged to share with you these moments of exceptional distress.

    We’ve long noticed how these political activists feed on and encourage those who suffer significant mental health issues resulting from childhood trauma, in order to further their own political ends.

    Actually, there are enormous levels of (highly disguised) mental health issues within those professional ranks themselves, and one can argue that these individuals who are also often very competent and even charismatic – are one of the biggest concerns we have, as much as the pathogenic parents themselves.

    Our “Community Sound” project aims to address both categories…we are currently engaged in such a struggle just to establish a venue – numerous professionals seemingly curiously threatened by the emergence of such a powerful broad based therapeutic development.

    Of course it doesn’t help in this immediate situation – but looking forward to being in a position to share more news to begin to address the wider issue.


    1. We are looking forward to hearing more about it Woodman, thank you for your dedication and determination. K


  4. You have hidden the real story so well that I don’t understand it at all, Karen. Was the unreturned treasure actually the children? Or a family pet? Photo? Heirloom of some sort? I understand only too well the unspeakable cruelty of mental and psychological torture. But I wouldn’t call retaining a much loved treasure unspeakable cruelty to the children, more like cruelty to the parent who had the treasure stolen. Can you clarify? Not sure either why what seems to be a controversy with Dr Childress comes into it? Something is very definitely amiss if you are so disturbed you can’t sleep. I would really appreciate clarification, as what you hint at rings bells with me…


    1. It is very hard to clarify but if you consider that the children asked their parent if they could take the much loved treasure that they were also reunited with along with that parent, to the other parent’s home and think about what that might be. It wasn’t an inanimate object. The children were made party to the act of unspeakable cruelty because they were used to persuade the parent to let them take it. The use of them being cold and calculating in order that the treasure could be terminally harmed. The bit about Dr C is that he and I can argue til the cows come home about what you call this but in the UK, despite our efforts and despite what we call it, it continues to happen because no-one stops it and even when we try, in some cases, like this one, the ‘professionals’ who are actually political idealogues, destroy what we have done to protect the children. Hope that helps. K


      1. As much as the targeted parent in question, it is Karen and her reunification work which is the target of the ideologues involved. I would imagine all of us engaged in this work are seen by these activists as part of a “backlash against feminism”, and wishing to reassert the patriarchal family, and/or weaken the case for the gynocentric family.

        These kinds of attacks (i.e. that involve the manipulation of vulnerable individuals) can be seen as an equivalent of terrorist strategies in what these radical feminist activists consider to be a war situation. That’s why this is so like a “bomb” going off, for all those involved.

        Rather than a return to the past, I wonder if what those of us here on this forum are actually after is an egalitarian family situation where parents, children, grandparents and other relations are all able to to utilise and develop the strengths of each individual into a complex productive partnership where no one person, male or female, dominates, or is remotely interested in doing so.

        Maybe in reaching out in this progressive way in our discussion – we can demonstrate our commitment to a vision of family life that will be able to empower men and women equally, and persuade the radical feminist ideologues that there is nothing to fear within our hope for the future, to lay down their cruel emotional weapons, so destructive to those involved – and join us in working towards a new era of family life, beyond patriarchy OR matriarchy.


      2. Hi Karen

        My heart truely goes out to you. For many, many years I have suffered the daily torment that is “the unquiet mind” of worry and needing to provide the solution to the problem that was (and still is) psychopathic parental alienation….always fearing the worse case scenario nightmare that rarely materialises but, nevertheless, we alone feel the fear to make contingency for. That it seems it has played out that way here must be one hell of a mental and emotional challenge to deal with

        I can only attempt to empathise with what you must be feeling right now, however, what the “passage of time” has taught me is that, until we get the political leaders worthy of that title, the solution to this problem is a personal one to each of us, as individuals.

        Like the ideologies of world terrorism, economics and so many other worrying issues very few professionals have the slightest clue what’s required to improve the current status quo and, furthermore, go to enormous lengths to disguise this fact. Complicating something that is so simple and obvious to ordinary non-professionals up and and down the country…….ordinary people who, so far, haven’t had the power, understanding or will to collectively confront this CANCER that continues to grow daily in our society.

        As individuals, each one of us can only ever do OUR BEST with the daily dilemmas we face which, equally, goes a long way to us ACCEPTING the reality of our situations as they stand in the present moment. The alternative is to heap further mental conflict upon ourselves by way of “denial” and the ensuing unhelpful negative questions of why this? why that? why me? and, ultimately, that defers the silencing of the mind and the PEACE that’s required to continue doing our best and increasing the possibilities of changing the status quo at some future point

        In summary, and contrary to our human instincts, the timing of CHANGE is rarely within our control as individual (or that of the psychopathic alienator) but we can be “ready” and best prepared to make our contribution(s) when that future opportunity arises, as it inevitably will do.

        My thoughts are with you and this family and hope recent events are but another unfortunate turn on that road to our eventual desired/shared destination. Above all, I wish you peace of mind – I’m reliably informed that learning to enjoy living life together with a “back-drop” of unresolved problems is integral to reduced mental suffering


  5. You are a bit off on your analysis Susang but I cannot tell you anymore because I want to protect the parent and children. The wrong thing is that the children were involved by the alienating parent in persuading their other parent to let them take the treasure back with them. The treasure never returned and the children had to tell the targeted parent why. That is the cruelty (aside from the act), it is an act of psychological violence agains t the children and the parent. If you read what I have written you will see it was not covered up by anyone, it was done in plain sight because it could be, because the alienating parent had retained the power due to the work of the ‘professional’ who undermined my work. The fault is with the psycopathic parent, the ‘professional, who is a political idealogue and the family court system which allows this to happen. The real fault in my view however is with the ‘professional’ and the body she works for, who allow and facilitate this to happen due to their ignorance of what alienation is and their refusal to address the problem in a systemic way.


  6. Random acts of cruelty abound this week – the one in our life much smaller, but none the less cruelly effected. My husband reluctantly called the house where his child lives, and spoke to the maternal grandmother. He asked after his child and said it was very important that he speak with his child. The grandmother refused, said he shouldn’t be calling, and ended the conversation, without asking what was important. The endless vengeful gate-keeping continues, unabated, and so the sleepless nights filled with pain continue.
    And in an associated way, my husband also lost any access to his dog when the alienation became complete. The mother refusing to let him even see his dog on the long ago visits, saying it ‘upset the dog too much’. This was the dog my husband took to work with him often. One of the last times my husband was there the dog ran out of the house and jumped in the car with my husband, delirious to see him. You can imagine the reaction.


  7. I am so sorry Karen and my heart breaks for all of us, but early this morning most of all for the reunited patent and children who were used and wounded deeply yet again, I feared what you veiled to protect their privacy and am speechless. Sending love and light to all.


  8. Even with a shared residence, similar mis-use of children can occur. Probably it is a lot more subtle than the cruel example you have shared with us today Karen. Disparagement of a parent in an attempt to reduce him to a lesser role the lives of the children comes to mind, but I am sure there are many other subtleties.


  9. What a cruel example of the way in which a parent can use unsuspecting children. I cannot imagine how hurt and disheartened the father must be feeling. I wonder how widespread this behaviour is, perhaps to a more subtle extent. For example, a parent who tries to undermine the best efforts of the other parent in front of the children, and tries to relegate him to a less important role in the lives of the children. Or perhaps a parent who refuses to communicate, even with child care arrangements. The children often bear the brunt of such behaviour and are left carrying the burden.


  10. “A vision of family life that will empower men and women equally” as “anonymous” suggests, is of course the ideal to aim for. It breaks down, however, in the face of the alienating parent who has a permanent personality disorder, including narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. It seems that such people cannot and will not ever change, partly because the very nature of the disorder doesn’t allow them to admit to having such a thing. They have no empathy, and cannot put themselves into another’s shoes. This then allows them to perpetrate extreme mental and often physical cruelty, while justifying to themselves and the world that it is all the other parent’s fault. Where children are involved going “no contact” is not possible, especially as such controlling personality disorders are very difficult to detect, and the “professionals” are ofen hoodwinked by the adept psychopath, who is usually a brilliant, highly believable liar, expert at playing the victim, and accusing the other parent of what they themselves are doing. Doctors, psychologists, social workers, lawyers and judges all fall under their spell, and the family courts system supports the disordered personality rather than the children who are endlessly abused along with the targeted parent. Whole families are ruined by the system which does not recognise the condition. Reasonable people would welcome the initiative proposed by “Anonymous” and like minded people whose intentions are honourable and good. But such disordered personailties are not reasonable. You cannot begin to deal with them in any normal way.


    1. Wow!!!!! There speaks someone who KNOWS exactly what they’re talking about… 15 year experience “to a tee”!

      Couldn’t have put better myself and, certainly nowhere near as articulately

      Thank you


      1. Thank you for your kind words, Everything happens. Apologies for a couple of typos. Should have double checked before sending. I write from experience; we, like you and so many who post on this blog, are not out of the woods yet. Understanding that others share our difficulties is a very positive help, I find. I wish a good night’s sleep to Karen and all who post here. May the dreaded worst case scenario never wake us from restorative sleep…


  11. If you are so unfortunate to be on the outside being punished unfairly and you are a good responsible Parent or Grandparent involved in P A, you are bound to have been smashed in the face by a wall of lies by the so called PROFESSIONALS. Yes it is politically lead as there is no way politicians are going to come out and win everyone’s vote, so they remain silent and therefore they are adding to the loss of Children having a full and proper childhood

    If everyone who was involved in Child Protection that lied in support of the Alienating Parent were found guilty in the UK alone and were sentenced to 30 days imprisonment we could fill COOK COUNTY prison ten times over. Sadly Cook County prison in Chicago Illinois currently holds 10,000 Prisoners.

    Please everyone wake up and smell the misery, why are we punishing Good Mums and Dads, why are we destroying Childrens happiness? I tell you why, it is easier to believe the lies than to try and understand the true complexities of PAS. Too many people, the wrong people are being paid handsomely for to destroy decent responsible Parents. Value for money and success can only be achieved by training more P A Practitioners to the standards of the Seperated Family Clinic. Not only can they immediately confirm the presence of alienation they sense the horrible destruction in the breakdown in the Family, it is a CANCER and as a good caring Granddad I can’t unburden the pain for my Son and Granddaughter. Purely on a selfish basis I want to see the child before I die, I have fought to date like a lion for five years and I am now exhausted, but will never give up hope but sadly I have been reduced to a kitten.

    I fear my last chance is coming up shortly and this will be our 54th time in Court, l am praying for success for you see I and my Family have been judged as bad people, nothing can be further from the truth. I have been active in my community for over forty years and had one speeding ticket. You would not believe the organisations that I have helped in my own time and at my own expense and I have disclosure and yet judged not fit to see my lovely Granddaughter. I have one a long battle with Social Work combinating in the Ombudsman agreeing with me that the Social Work did not treat my Son fairly and did not look after the best interests of my Granddaughter. I lost two other complaints about the Council. I have now got to show the Ombudsman how to do his job properly and efficiently. My Family have had to fight every organisation you can think of, I know how the system works as I was employed in Local Government for years. They all tell lies to cover up their incompetence make no mistake in that. We had two very important documents hidden from us for seven months and eighteen months, everything that could be done to keep us from a beautiful wee girl was thrown at us.

    If in the UK we look at P A in isolation of gender no one will win. The best way forward is by treating the Family. Having said that if the Alienating Parent has learning difficulties or a Mental Health or behavioural problem and is a female, I am sorry to say there is little chance given the present hostility and ignorance that a successful outcome for the Child will be achieved unless Judges and Sheriffs are given comprehensive training in the complexities of P A. For me the Golden Rule is : WHAT YOU SEE IN THE FAMILY DYNAMICS IS NOT NECCESSARY WHAT IS HAPPENING WITHIN THAT FAMILY. By that I mean that P A is built on foundations of lies and Children are manipulated to role play, my Granddaughter was so convincing that she could recite finite details, but sadly they were details of incidents that never took place.

    Let us all have hope that the authorities will wise up and learn lessons and I leave everyone with this very important thought, particularly as my Son and my Family go into Court for possibly our last time. It is not the cost of fees and specialist reports that has hindered us it is the untruths, although we are struggling financially. This is our fifth Christmas without a tree and without our wee Fairy, but how many wrong decisions over the years has taken place in Courtrooms all over the world and how many adults now suffer from being robbed of a loving Childhood?

    Oh boy does my Son, my Family and I need luck, but why should we as we are only guilty of telling the truth.

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


    1. We need to ‘get together and go bowling’, Yahnalablog. Your experience (and that of your son’s) sounds too close to my own: I worked for the Local Authority for 16 years; Youth Justice Worker, Community Care Worker and Disabilities Manager. My family (other daughter/half-sibling, my mother, wife et al) AND maternal family have been frozen out for 2 years after a period of my alienated daughter LIVING with me. After my daughter went back for an overnight stay with mum and never returned, the LA re-configured narrative gleaned from earlier work by CAFCASS (who cited concern of mum coaching our child), hid from me that my daughter had self-harmed in mum’s care.

      After speaking with Family Separation Clinic last year, I wrote to mum and asked her to speak with me and consider that our child may be experiencing PAS. Four weeks later, my wife received a text message accusing me of historic sexual abuse. I took it to the LA. They investigated. My daughter corroborated mum’s story. Even so,the social worker remained concerned that the narrative was wrong and she questioned mum’s “witting or unwitting causing feeling of ambivalence in [child] towards her dad.”

      Been told Court the only way to go…6 years and tens and thousands of pounds, a breakdown and no money left.

      I’m sending you my love because I still have this left…it’s not all spent. I feel for you and for every single girl and boy; woman and man – mother,father, granddad, grandma and sibling – going through this.

      I’m sick to the point of death. Still, I get the priviledge of loving, laughing with, playing with and educating my other beautiful little girl who I live with. She asks every six weeks or so, “dad, when will [daughter] be back?” And I fight tears and I fight to keep living.

      Love to you all.


    2. Fascinating read. Thanks

      “All we have is a legion of people who believe in a political ideology”
      Can you say more about this, Karen? What ideology?


  12. Hi Karen

    The,“ six of one, half a dozen of another,” paradigm is one that so many of us will carry bad memories of. It is lazy, cynical and sickeningly self-serving for the “ professionals” that suckle this sacred cow. It is ultimately so damaging to the children that they sanctimoniously purport to be protecting.

    The most effective solution to this problem is in preventing it rather than curing it.

    When the case is listed for a judge then do not leave the allocation of a judge to chance. Contact the court clerks and explain why it is essential that the person hearing your case has the appropriate experience, training and expertise. It might not work but at least try. Do your homework, ask around find out everything you can from others that may have had good or bad experiences. You may have to see this judge a lot of times. If there is any opportunity to influence that the person hearing your case is at least able to see through some of the things he will be hearing then grasp it with both hands. It might be possible to use another court in the area where there is judge sitting who is sympathetic to this situation. Find out!

    Litigants must do everything they can to ensure that the court orders issued for the preparation of a section 7 report are specific in terms of its scope, the issues involved and the expertise required from a Cafcass family court advisor. To be allocated someone whose main expertise is in child protection and public law, by the Cafcass gatekeeper in an alienation case, is worse than useless. If you do not get allocated someone with the necessary training and experience then you must then do everything you possibly can to make sure that you get the family court advisor changed.

    Karen has shown why this is so important. Someone that does not understand the dynamics involved will be an ally to the aligned parent and a millstone around the necks of the alienated parent and the kids. Either intentionally or inadvertently they could be colluding with an abuser and facilitating the abuse of your children.

    Do everything you possibly can to avoid getting into this situation to begin with!


    1. I fought for many years to get “judicial continuity” by way of having the same High Court judge retain my case in order that there might be some consistency and understanding of the reality of my children’s circumstances.

      Alas, despite succeeding in my objective of obtaining that personal input from a single judge (now a Lord Justice), my experience was that there was little difference from that of appearing before random judges. The only difference was that the judge retaining the case took more care in navigating his route to the “pre-determined” conclusion he and his superiors had decided (contrary to evidence submitted) the court needed to arrive at.

      It was the clearest indication, after 7 years in court, that the family court system is well and truely broken and its custodians are merely juggling the delay of the inevitable exposure of mismanagement and downright dishonesty that has persisted since introduction of the Children Act 1989.

      In principle, it isn’t a million miles away from the scandals of Jimmy Saville and historic institutional child abuse where the “the can” has continually been “kicked down the road” to delay emergence of the truth and in the hope that the guilty parties will avoid sanction because of retirement or death.

      Whilst there is a lack of political and “judicial will” nothing will change


      1. I have a horrible feeling that you are right, Everythinghappens, and if you are, then we too will end up in despair, the children’s lives ruined along with ours, all money to fight the family court system gone. The secrecy of the family courts, meant to protect the children, in fact allows judges absolute power. And we know what absolute power does, do we not?


      2. “It is what it is”, Susang…….nobody ever said life is fair and there are definitely no absolute certainties on this earth. Neither our lives, as parents, nor the lives of our children have been ruined……our, respective, predicaments are merely the cards we’ve been dealt in the “game of life” and we all have to play our “hands” to the best of our ability. We’re all on a journey (called life) and the real issue is not where we start or end that journey but a combination of the distance we travel, the extent to which we grow in character as a consequence of adversity we face and also the contribution we make in relation to the lives we touch along the way

        I strongly believe one of the greatest legacies we can leave our children is an example of how to carry yourself when “life sucks” and we’re treated disgracefully by others (ie. alienator’s). After all, those same children are the biggest losers and the real victims in this situation and what better way is there to show them that it’s not what happens to you in life but how you deal with it that determines the quality of your life

        Let’s give them the opportunity to model their characters on us when the realities of adult life arrive… has to be a preferable option to that set by the alienating parent.


  13. The adjectives sad, tragic, desperate, sinister, evil and disgusting immediately spring to my mind, but regrettably in my experience only too common an occurrence. I have been (continue to be) a targeted parent and know exactly what it is like to be on the receiving end of such abominable treatment and go through countless sleepless nights. However, I would like to reassure those targeted parents that it is possible to sleep soundly again, once there is the realisation that :

    a) this is not our fault and we have done what we can against a failing system
    b) with the help of professionals such as Karen and many others, we can all try and raise the general profile of parental alienation such that our children can work out what happened and start their journey back to us.

    It is over ten years since I have had contact with my daughter, but now she is in her 20s, I am hoping the dawn of realisation is not too far away.

    I wish all targeted parents all the strength they need to get through their ordeal.


    1. Well done and well said!

      From someone who’s walked in your shoes – 4 children aged 16, 20, 22 & 24 and were kidnapped by the alienator 15 years ago.

      The child(ren) is/are not the only one(s) on a “journey”…… is everyone else be it the alienator, extended family, friends, work colleagues, professionals, judges, etc. – it will affect all at some point now whether directly or indirectly.

      From someone who also walked in the shoes of the child FORCEFULLY alienated from a targeted parent but, at the same time, knowing the alienating parent was doing their insufficient best and therefore still loving that inadequate individual because they were (and are) weak


  14. I couldn’t finish reading this – I can’t bear the thought of the outcome of my children with her….

    This makes my stomach churn…


  15. It may be that this is not the place to write about this in which case this post may not be put up, and that’s perfectly ok.

    Oscar Pistorius was last week sentenced after a re-trial. Having read that, for some reason, I was inspired to find out about his family history. From the, admittedly very little, information I could glean, this man actually seems to have been alienated from his own father and the picture I did find seems to suggest the father has a lot of love for his son.

    I can’t find that much information and I haven’t tried very hard to find it. I find I stay away more and more from alienated related stuff (apart from this blog which only helps me) as that is my way of coping.

    I bring this to light here because one of the after effects is an unprecedented and uncontrollable rage – isn’t that what this otherwise highly rated athlete has demonstrated?

    More sleepless nights!



  16. I barely have time to reflect your output seems to be so prodigious and advantageous and thought provoking.

    You have time for the “alienator” helping them to steer their angst away from the focal point of their hatred and misgivings.
    You have time for the “target” helping them to re-select a different role for themselves. You arm them to the teeth with counter-manipulation techniques.
    You have special time for the children perpetually tossed in a wild sea of conflict, depression, division and demand, by building bridges and safe haven.

    And you maintain an open mind, continually offering opinion, soothing hurt souls and treading the footsteps that only a companion might take.

    I can not think of a better social service.

    Kind regards


  17. There are many ways an aligned parent can continue to heap despair and sadness onto the alienated parent.
    My son and I and my family have for almost 5 yrs been denied all contact with my only grandson –although he lives less than a mile away with his mother,stepfather and step-siblings.
    My grandson –(now 16) got very good grades in this years GCSE.exams (inherited his dad’s high IQ! )
    My son rang school form master to ask if he could attend presentation ceremony.-assured him that he would not attempt to speak to his son or upset him in any way.
    Two days later he received message from from said master (allegedly from grandson) that he did not wish my son to attend and that if he did so then he (grandson ) would not attend!.
    I suspect influence of mother and stepfather
    Karen you have met my son at one of your workshops and know he is a good man and a good father.
    Having tried hard to survive and keep positive he is now very depressed again.
    Good wishes in all your work.


  18. Dr. Childress has chosen to abandon us in the United States for reasons that will become clear sooner or later, so I can never compare him to your work. You are on the front lines, you see and feel the damage and do whatever is humanely possible. Without people like you, so many of us would have given up hope feeling abandonded to by every professional out there.
    My heart breaks for you having to see so much pain, the pain I feel for my kids alone is practically unbearable. Please know you are a beacon of hope, if not only for your compassion and belief in us Target parents.
    Thank you


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