Empathic Responding with Alienated Children

One of the most painful experiences for targeted parents is when the alienation process begins to escalate and children begin to become difficult, challenging and sometimes downright obnoxious. We may not be familiar with the child who is overly empowered within what is called a ‘fused dyad’ with the other parent and so when thatContinue reading “Empathic Responding with Alienated Children”

The Enlightened Witness in a War Zone

Working in the field of parental alienation is not easy, particularly when one is working with families where the crisis of alienation has fully taken hold. This is because being human is to be fallible and being involved with people whose lives are in crisis can cause secondary or vicarious trauma.  Taking care of theContinue reading “The Enlightened Witness in a War Zone”

Rescuing the mind of the captured child

Those of us working in the field of parental alienation spend a lot of our time thinking about and working with, children whose minds have been captured by a parent’s emotional or psychological reactions to significant change.  As someone working regularly with children who reject or resist a relationship with a parent after separation, IContinue reading “Rescuing the mind of the captured child”

The mystery of meaning in parental alienation

There are things which appear from the outside to be mysterious which when viewed from the inside look completely different and indeed, in a moment, explain how they were influenced into being.  This week I have been working in the moment with alienated children and have been observing how, when viewed through a particular lens,Continue reading “The mystery of meaning in parental alienation”

Changing lives: on the power of professional competence and care

Mid January and we are flat out on all fronts at the Family Separation Clinic where we are bringing several projects into being all at once as well as continuing our delivery to families across the UK. All at the same time we are learning, teaching, collaborating, supporting, developing and finishing the tasks that createContinue reading “Changing lives: on the power of professional competence and care”