Introducing the Discussion Group

I have noticed recently that a lot of people are discussing regularly on here. I have therefore set up a discussion group page for everyone who wants to have ongoing discussions so that you are not having to hop between posts. If you want to post under the discussion group page, simply go to it and comment as you would here.

This is a practice run for Parental Alienation Direct so bear with me, I am learning too! I will moderate regularly throughout every day so that you can keep on discussing and helping each other. I have alway believed that the most powerful help comes from those who have suffered too.  Whilst I am away resting my shoulder I hope that being able to talk to each other regularly will be helpful.

Where I can I will help with advice and guidance.




  1. Thanks for this Karen – I’d like a topic heading for step-parents (either previous, active or in waiting) and for partners of alienated parents


  2. Hi, I would like a topic for seeing how other alienated parents cope when their children are late teens and beyond the realms of family court. The phrase “she’ll come back to you” wears my patience/strength thinner each passing month….. :’-(


  3. I’d also like a topic around court orders – too late for us but its a minefield, with judges not recognising (it seems) the best practice given by other judges (‘no stone unturned before no contact’ being ignored in our case). So a discussion around what’s out there (what judgements are made), what best practice exists (as identified through different experiences with different judges) and links to other judgements that can be used as supporting evidence, either in hearings or at appeal.


    1. I am going to ask Padre Stevie to lead a discussion on this issue CG on a separate page, I will let you know when it is happening, he has a lot of information on this topic and can be very helpful. K


    1. To join the discussion under different headings YVIE go to the discussion group page and press reply under the thread you want to comment on. K


      1. The menu disappeared some time ago from this webpage. All I can access is blog posts, incl. older blog posts


      2. The menu comes up top left Kat it is a series of lines you press that and it drops down. K


      3. Thanks, Karen! I’ve been clicking on the top right one thinking the two icons were the same – doh!


  4. Good idea but moderating it all could be be a big and stressful job. Don’t forget that time out and self care, Karen.


    1. Moderating is no big problem, don’t worry, it only requires me to check every day and press a couple of buttons, I will be fine. K


    2. Anonymous- you recommended an “Amends” letter in the previous post written to my ex-partner and eldest daughter. I have read the book you recommended “The Prodigal Father” and gleaned some things from it. However, I do not have amend letters written. I have tried writing and drafted a few variations though it seems each try, my draft is telling of my story. I am languishing. Do you assume that I have done some wrongs that caused the ex-partner to treat me so abominably? PA is nothing other than domestic violence and child abuse. There was no infidelity, I was just a scapegoat. Enough about my story. I realize that an amends letter is cleansing if nothing else. I have previously attempted to meet with the ex-partner a few times, but he has no interest. You see he won and got what he wanted money and kids and me tossed aside mildly put. Why would he bother with an amends letter or meeting me? If anything I think he would make more drama and show the letter to the children as he done previously. This would probably go to his head and grandiosity and think I am begging to be back. It would only fortify his ego. Please remember that he was the one that took the kids and abandoned me. I am going to need some help in drafting an apology letter that I have nothing to apologize for. Don’t get me wrong I am not perfect and I have done my mistakes in all this, but I did the best I could and know how to deal and cope with PA.


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