The Ambivalence Problem in Alienation

This week I continue to work on the ambivalence problem for alienated children. This is one of the biggest problems that children in recovery from alienation face and it is one which is particularly pernicious because the harm that has been done, leaves a long term problem for children in its wake. Let us lookContinue reading “The Ambivalence Problem in Alienation”

Homecoming – Helping the Reunited Child

This weekend I begin a new project called Homecoming. ¬†This is an exciting piece of work for me because it is based upon my practice with alienated children who are reunited with a once rejected parent. As such it is a close look at the needs of children who move from the psychologically split stateContinue reading “Homecoming – Helping the Reunited Child”

News from the Family Separation Clinic

Last year the Family Separation Clinic contributed to some major awareness raising events on the issue of parental alienation, most recently the Victoria Derbyshire Show which ran a feature on the issue alongside a sensitively made film which you can see here.¬† The programme was made with the input of parents who have been helpedContinue reading “News from the Family Separation Clinic”

Working with the Intrapsychic Experience of the Alienated Child

As someone who works with alienated children almost daily, I know a lot about the subject of parental alienation. I read a lot about it as well as write about it but most of what I know comes directly from my experience of working with it in families. When I read about parental alienation IContinue reading “Working with the Intrapsychic Experience of the Alienated Child”

How to Hear the Voice of the Alienated Child – Lessons for Family Practitioners.

Welcome to 2017, a year in which we plan to raise the awareness of parental alienation even higher in the UK and in which we will be joining with European colleages to form the first Alienation Practitioner Network in Europe. Later in the year we will be travelling to the United States to undertake aContinue reading “How to Hear the Voice of the Alienated Child – Lessons for Family Practitioners.”