How to Change the World

Yesterday I worked with an inspiring group of people who attended our only UK practitioner training to be held this year.  Despite a couple of technical hitches, we worked through the day on the principles used by the Family Separation Clinic to unpack and analyse cases of parental alienation. Each person was focused and broughtContinue reading “How to Change the World”

The Politics of Love and Hate

It has been another busy week at the Family Separation Clinic where we continue to deliver services for families affected by parental alienation.  This week I have been once again working with children affected by the problem, as well as thinking about new projects coming up which will keep us busy long into the newContinue reading “The Politics of Love and Hate”

Hurting the Heart of a Child: Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

I continue to work with children in recovery from parental alienation, this is the bulk of my current work and as such it puts me in prime position to understand at the most fundamental levels, the harm that parental alienation does.  Close examination of how children recover from alienation is the subject of my doctoralContinue reading “Hurting the Heart of a Child: Parental Alienation is Child Abuse”

Alienated Child Whispering

I work with alienated children, I know them well. I work with them when they are alienated and fiercely determined not to see a parent and I work with them through and beyond reunification towards a place of psychological balance. This year so far I have undertaken seven reunifications with fifteen children and all haveContinue reading “Alienated Child Whispering”

Shape Shifting: The Future for Alienated Children and Their Families in Europe

I am back from Belgium where I have been working with a group of practitioners at the Huis van Hereniging to develop a new reunification service for Belgium’s alienated children and their families. This is another partnership for the Family Separation Clinic along the same lines as the Poliklinika-Djeca   in Zagreb and develops our work in EuropeContinue reading “Shape Shifting: The Future for Alienated Children and Their Families in Europe”

Supporting Alienated Children

My last post caused a flurry of indignation from some quarters because I was writing from the perspective of the alienated child and not from the perspective of the alienated parent.  I make no apologies however, my work has always been about children first and parents second, that is the way of the world. Children’sContinue reading “Supporting Alienated Children”