A Welcome Retreat to Nurture New Experts in Parental Alienation

Our efforts to build a new workforce in Europe for practice in the field of parental alienation continues.  As we prepare for the launch of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners we  are also preparing for a new leadership retreat.  Alongside our parental retreats, which are ongoing, we are convening a new leadership retreat this year in France where we will develop, nurture and intensively support and train, six new European leaders in the field of parental alienation.

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We know how demanding this work is for practitioners and we also know that self care is the ultimate protection against burn out and drop out from the field.  This year, to accompany our parent retreats, we have decided to run a one off leadership retreat to support  and plant new and emerging leaders in the field.  Sharing all of our skill and expertise as well as our knowledge about how to communicate in your own country and all around the world about parental alienation, we will spend four days with key people so that they can return to their own country and develop their practice and profile as a thought leader in the field.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Beyond the four day retreat, each participant will be coached and supported in set up and delivery of their own practice and will receive supervision and mentorship throughout the year.

We want to grow this field of work. We know it requires specialists to do that and people with vision and determination to make it work in their own country.  We can’t do it all on our own and this work doesn’t belong simply to us, it needs, deserves, has to be in the hands of people who can make a difference.

If you are reading and this appeals to you, we have two places left and we would like to hear from you. Let us know all about your current practice with children and families or as an advocate or voice in the field of parental alienation when you email us –


We have payment plans available to spread the cost and we guarantee that you will receive a wealth of support, guidance, knowledge and skill in return for your interest and time. You will also join with key others who are strong in their own country, as part of our worldwide bid to grow and nurture practice with alienated children and their families.

We have chosen this model of sharing our skills and knowledge because we know that people change people and people change systems and when systems change the whole world changes. We want to grow the group of people who can and will do it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Karen and Nick Woodall

July 2017



  1. Dear Karen and Nick,

    I am meeting Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Loach, Angela Rayner and others on Saturday in Durham for lunch at the Miners Gala.

    I am going to seek to encourage them all to familiarise themselves with your work as I feel the legislation as system around children’s rights needs to be changed substantially.
    I am taking some of your articles with me.

    I know the Conservative Govt were setting up a review of these practices which will be cross Party before the GE.


    Elizabeth Griffiths
    Target mum : one of my sons is alienated from me one is not.
    Failed by County Durham and darlington services and affected by the cruel underhand untruthful processes of Cafcass solicitors etc.
    Recognised by my GP as akin to Rochdale failings and by the local refuge manager as a case in a box that is too hard to handle.

    Sent from Elizabeth Griffiths


  2. I admire what you are doing! Please eventually expand some of your work to the United States as well!


      1. replied but to wrong address Linda, apologies it bounced back as I spelled it wrong – have resent – place on hold for you let’s talk. K


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