Introducing The Understanding Parental Alienation Workshop Series 2017/18

Our first workshop in the series Understanding Parental Alienation, Learning to Cope, Helping to Heal, will be in Central London on December 2nd 2017.  This will begin a series of workshops in the UK and Europe in which we aim to walk parents through the process of managing their own case of parental alienation, including understanding how to manage the case in the court process and how to ensure the selection of the very best mental health practitioner possible.

Based upon our new book, these workshops are highly intensive and experiential and will equip parents with all of the information needed to cope and help to heal the problem of a child’s unjustified rejection of a parent after separation.

Booking is now open here.

Places are limited to 45 per workshop in order to ensure that we give the very best input each time.

Please note –  only 25 places left – booking on a first come first served basis

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 13.59.44

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 14.08.41.png


  1. I’m interested, as a grandmother who has only been the only visitor allowed. I’ve been unwell this year so it’s fallen down. I’m 69 years old, not the best idea. My grandchild now 15 years old wants to see his father. I’m stuck going nowhere and I need some help, until now this has not been a topic!
    He is living abroad with the family, his mother would have liked him to come to school here. I feel this has been so unfair to a child and to myself. There were problems, so I was asked to go.
    Bristol would be a good option for me.


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