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The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners was launched in Prague in June 2017.  With a bold vision to establish recognised and regulated practice with alienated children and their families, the association will hold a landmark conference for legal and mental health professionals at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in 2018.  With leading speakers from around the world in the field of parental alienation, children’s mental health, the neuroscience of conflict management, research on divorce and children and the impact of international standards of practice in the lives of alienated children, this conference will set the standard in Europe for the future of work with children who resist and reject a relationship with a parent after family separation.

As an emerging field of interest in the helping therapies, parental alienation is a much debated topic and one which has, over the years, attracted much controversy.  This landmark conference locates the issue of a child’s resistance and refusal of a relationship with a parent after separation in the field in which it belongs – children’s mental health and explores the interlocking relationship with the legal system which is necessary to bring about the right outcomes for children in this predicament.  Moving away from the parental rights focus enables the issue to be clearly seen for what it is, a serious mental health risk to children and one which deserves the focus and attention which this conference and the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners affords.

The conference is open to all mental health and legal professionals who work with children experiencing family separation and will be of particular interest to social workers and health professionals who work with separated families.  The conference attracts CPD points and will showcase the most up to date research and practice from around the world in this field.

The conference will launch the opening of membership of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners, which will, from August 2018, provide membership, accreditation, regulation of practice, governance, training and supervision for all practitioners in this emerging field of work.  Alongside the membership body, a quality mark will be available to practitioners who will be able to offer the families they work with, the reassurance that their work meets internationally recognised standards in this field.

No more generic family therapy for alienated children and their families, is one of the aims of the European Association, which brings together senior practitioners who are powerful in their own countries, to draw upon best practice with children and families.  For the family courts, the association will provide a proven standard of intervention which can be relied upon to relieve the pressures upon children who are experiencing the underlying psychological pressures seen in parental alienation cases.

Early bird bookings for the conference open shortly with a total of 300 places per day available to practitioners right across Europe.  As we open for bookings, information about arrangements with local hotel providers will be available for overseas travellers.

A full schedule of speakers will be announced shortly with Amy J.L.Baker, the most prolific researcher in the field, already confirmed.

With a powerful strategy to bring change for alienated children across Europe within the next five years, this conference promises to set the scene for the dynamic shifts we are seeking in policy and practice in this field.  Bringing the issue into the mainstream and applying the most up to date available solutions is our core vision.

More details here shortly along with a Europe wide marketing campaign to bring alienation awareness onto centre stage from now on.

The Family Separation Clinic is a founder member of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners along with fourteen other EU country members.

This conference is part of a series of events which the Family Separation Clinic is either hosting or involved in between now and 2019 and forms our commitment to ensuring that practice with alienated children and their families meets internationally recognised standards.

Between now and 2019 we will be presenting as follows – 

Washington DC. October 2017 – Parental Alienation Study Group – First International Conference

Boston October 2017 US Practitioner training group

Belgium November 2017 – Missing Children Europe Conference

Holland November 2017 – Training to Professionals

Stockholm August  2018 – Parental Alienation Study Group – Second International Conference

London August 2018 – European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners Conference

Australia October 2018 – International Conference Parental Alienation

In addition we are discussing training delivery in France, Israel and Italy in 2018 as part of our commitment to driving awareness of the needs of alienated children and their families around the world.