Practicing, Protecting and Promoting. Introducing The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners

We are just back from Holland where we training another group of practitioners to work with the differentiation model of the Family Separation Clinic in parental alienation cases.  This brings the total of practitioners trained this year to just over seventy.  During our training in Holland, which involved lawyers and mental health practitioners, we examinedContinue reading “Practicing, Protecting and Promoting. Introducing The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners”

Fake News and Fabrications

I am in Holland today, training a group of practitioners to understand and work with parental alienation.  As I do so, I am also receiving messages from people who are concerned about information coming from the Childress blog. In the summer I issued a statement about Craig Childress’s misrepresentations of my work, after which IContinue reading “Fake News and Fabrications”

The Battle for Britain’s Alienated Children (The Hybrid Myth)

Breaking down the risks ahead for parents and children affected by parental alienation in the UK, we looked earlier this week at the high conflict myth. The notion that PA is all about high conflict is one which has been enthusiastically embraced by CAFCASS in their recent declaration of expertise in this field.  For aContinue reading “The Battle for Britain’s Alienated Children (The Hybrid Myth)”

The Battle for Britain’s Alienated Children (The High Conflict Myth).

Those of you reading the news in the UK over the past few days, would be forgiven for thinking that a breakthrough was occurring here.  Before you break out the bubbly however, let me further set this news in context because, far from this being something to celebrate, the news that CAFCASS have finally ‘gotContinue reading “The Battle for Britain’s Alienated Children (The High Conflict Myth).”

Beware of False Prophets

You heard it here first folks, the dumbing down of parental alienation has already begun in the UK, with the announcement in the Guardian yesterday that CAFCASS are trialling ‘intense therapy’ for parental alienation cases.  This ‘intense therapy’ is being proposed alongside punitive measures such as the ‘permanent loss of contact with a child’ andContinue reading “Beware of False Prophets”

Children of The Revolution (UK)

There is a revolution coming in the UK in terms of the recognition that a child’s complete rejection of a parent is a maladaptive response to the family drama of divorce and separation.  This revolution, which could be a bloodless coup or a downright messy, all out war, is coming off the back of theContinue reading “Children of The Revolution (UK)”

The Dimly Lit World of the Alienated Child

I was asked a question recently about how one can recover as an alienated child.  Clearly the person asking the question was beginning the process of working through the reasons why they, as a young adult, may think about the world in a different way to other people.  In responding to the question, I foundContinue reading “The Dimly Lit World of the Alienated Child”