The following sample presentations on You Tube are all from PASG 2017 and showcase all of the work which is going on around the world to develop and deliver the right kind of interventions in this field of work.  By clicking on any one of the following you will get to the whole list of presentations and will be able to watch at your leisure.

Please feel free to share widely, this work is important, it demonstrates the depth and breadth of the research, education, practice and learning about what works in this field and how and why it works.

At the conference, work programmes and working groups were agreed in a range of important areas. For more information please visit the PASG website.

This work is ongoing and will progress to PASG 2018 which is being held in Stockholm and the first EAPAP conference which is being held in London in August 2018.

I was delighted to be part of PASG2017 and look forward with Nick, to leading on the work programme to set standards of practice in PA work, with colleagues from all over the world.