Our training in Holland continues and we have been deep in the forest today examining the role of personality disorder in pure cases of alienation and the particular configurations seen in cases which feature coercive control.  As I prepare for our final days work with practitioners I am reading around the commentary on the situation with CAFCASS in the UK.  It is particularly heartening as I do so, to hear from others who are working hard to protect families from the harm that can come from poorly trained practitioners doing this work, particularly the blog from Voice of the Child which is operating beautifully to make the invisible visible and educate and inform parents of the risks ahead.

Thank goodness there are those in the world who truly care for children and who are unafraid to do the forensic work which enables clarity.  The proposals from CAFCASS are deeply concerning and there is much work to be done to ensure that parents are not shovelled down a pathway of accepting therapy as the remedy to their CAFCASS diagnosed ‘high conflict’ situation.  A properly directed searchlight always shows up the fault-lines and with UK professionals determined not to allow CAFCASS to deliver this project without the full and proper consultation and scrutiny, the risk to parents is reduced.

So much is going on in preparation for a new way of being in the UK.  Read, analyse, don’t believe everything you hear and standby.