Growing Seeds of Change

We’ve been working hard sowing and growing seeds of change in the field of parental alienation over the past twelve months.  As our seeds begin to grow, I thought I would share with you what we have been doing.

The Family Separation Clinic is focused upon delivery of services to families affected by parental alienation, as such we are clinicians focused upon our direct work with parents and children in the UK family courts.

But we are more than that too.  We are people who seek to share knowledge and best practice as far and wide as possible.  We partner with other like minded organisations and we link up to make a bigger impact where-ever we possibly can.

We do this because we know that the more hands which come to this pump the faster the water will pour clean.  And we know that people on their own cannot move mountains.  But together with others who bring their own skills to the field, we know that we can make a massive difference in the world and so planting seeds and growing skills is what we have been focused on alongside our clinical practice and research work.

Over the past five years we have trained over two hundred people to understand and work with the problem of parental alienation.  From Guardian ad Litems in Dublin to the Judiciary in Scotland, we have travelled around training people to understand the problem.

In 2017,  we moved onto training people,  not only how to understand the problem, but also how to work with families to resolve the problem.   We decided to do so because we knew that unless more people understand AND know how to work with the problem,  we could not move forward in terms of a strategy to deal with the problem on a wider scale.

In 2017 we trained 22 people to understand and work with the problem of parental alienation and to educate others and raise awareness.   Of that group of people, we can already see the results of that work growing and I will be sharing the profiles of some of those people in the coming weeks as we begin our next round of training.

What we want the world to know is that the problem of parental alienation can be treated, it can be beaten, it can be resolved.  We want the world to know that in the face of helplessness, in the face of the continued fogging of the issue, seeds planted are flourishing and will continue to flourish until the new way is so recognised as being the obvious way forward.

Here then is a sample of what has been done with our training by people who are now making a huge difference in the world.  As the weeks go by we will continue to profile the growth of more of the seeds we have planted so that you can see how change is most definitely over the horizon now.

Organisational Training

The Child and Youth Protection Centre in Zagreb

Our work with Professor. Dr. sc. Gordana Buljan Flander and her team of expert psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists has been ongoing since 2016.  In this partnership, our training has been used to  develop services to meet the needs of Croatian families and training to other organisations has also been delivered.  This partnership is one of the cornerstones of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners and will bring expertise from child protection into the core of everything which is done by this new membership organisation.

Professor. Dr. Flander and her team are powerful in their own country and powerful in Europe.  We have learned as much from working with this team as from any work we have done anywhere in the world. The strength of this team is in its high level capacity to forensically examine a case and then deliver the treatment route. In a country where PA is just coming onto the horizon, we know that this team will bring the problem into the full light of day and address it.

Expert Practitioner Training

Kelley Baker Ph.D

Dr. Baker specializes in helping families through the process of divorce. She provides counseling services to children and parents during and after the divorce process. In addition to counseling services, Dr. Baker accepts appointments from the court as a Guardian Ad Litem and any other role which serves the best interests of the child. She also provides home study reports for uncontested adoptions.

Dr. Baker has provided expert testimony in Williamson, Travis, Burnet, Hays, Lampasas, Bastrop and Comal Counties.

Kelley trained with us in France in September of last year and in Boston when we were in the USA.  Kelley is an experienced therapist and Guardian ad Litem and is already putting her work with us into practice.  Not only has Kelley been working on reunifications of alienated children and rejected parents, she has been educating others about the problem of parental alienation.

Kelley was recently interviewed as part of her presentation to the Williamson County (TX) Bar Association and you can see one of those interviews here (links through to you tube where you can watch her other interviews).

Kelley is a powerful resource of knowledge and experience in the USA  and is someone who educates from her knowledge base in direct reunification work with alienated children and families.

Parent Practitioner Training

National Association of Alienated Parents

Liz Archer was trained in London in June and in France at our leadership retreat in September.  Liz went on to form a new organisation, The National Association of Alienated Parents,  which is devoted to supporting parents who have been alienated from their children.  The focus of this work is education and support of rejected parents and the raising of awareness of the needs of families affected by the problem.

Liz says of her work in the formation of the National Association of Alienated Parents (which launches today at the House of Commons) 

‘Parental alienation can happen to anyone, and that includes me. As an alienated parent I discovered a great community, knowledge and support in the online groups. Part of the healing journey has been to help and support others and to give back. A random cup of coffee with Andrew John Teague that lasted three hours has ended up with the formation of NAAP and a collaborative team of like minded souls.’

Liz and the NAAP team have big plans for supporting families affected by parental alienation in the UK and are shifting the dialogue around the problem to mental health rather than parental rights, which is where we know this problem belongs and will be best addressed.


These are just three of the seeds sown through some of the training projects we have completed in the recent past. All of which have been designed to grow the workforce and through that provide essential services for families everywhere.

We are delighted to see the flourishing of these seeds and congratulate each person who has trained with us on their impressive achievements.  We will look forward to watching their independent development in the world over the coming months and years.

Next week: profile of House of Reunification in Belgium and New Zealand’s first specialist practitioner in parental alienation, both trained by the Family Separation Clinic.

The Family Separation Clinic Training and Development  Programme for 2018

March 13th One Day Practitioner Training in London, limited places left.

April 27/28 – Antwerp Two Day Practitioner Training.  Book Here.

May – Amsterdam – by application only – A Three Day Intensive Training in Family Separation Clinic Reunification Programme. Details To be announced shortly.

June  11-15 – UK Alienated Mothers Retreat in Somerset –  book here (limited places left)

July – 1-15th California Trainings for parents and practitioners, to be announced shortly.

October 20-28  Australian trainings for parents and practitioners, to be announced.



June – Fort Collins – USA Simply Parent Conference – Bookings Open Shortly

August 23-24 Parental Alienation Studies Group Conference 2018 Stockholm – Bookings Open Now

August 30/31 Moving Upstream EAPAP Conference London Bookings Open Shortly

October 17-19  Lost in the Fog  EMMF Conference Australia Bookings Open Shortly


Development Work

European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners

Curation of standards and certification of practice for Parental Alienation Study Group

Advisory Board work with Simply Parent


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