This year there are six major conferences worldwide, in the emerging scientific field of children’s resistance to relationships with parents after divorce and separation (also known as parental alienation).

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These conferences, which begin in Portugal in June, focus upon the existing research evidence, the emerging practice and the future developments needed to bring the problem to the global consciousness.


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On June 30th in Fort Collins in Colorado, the Simply Parent Conference will launch an ambitious agenda to eradicate parental alienation in three years. This agenda, which draws together all of the major voices in the field of parental alienation, is as sophisticated in campaigning terms as it gets. Managed by people who have made real change in other areas of social justice, this conference will begin the process of bulldozing the way for change in how the issue of a child’s resistance is conceptualised and worked with, leading the way to recognition of the problem and resolution.

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In August the Parental Alienation Study Group will hold its second major conference in Stockholm. The PASG is the senior group of experts in the field of parental alienation and is led by Professor William Bernet, a prolific researcher in this field and a Distinguished Life Long Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. This gathering of the leading voices in research and practice with alienated children and their families will look closely at the issue of parental alienation and the interventions which assist change.

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At the end of August the first conference of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners will be held in London. This landmark conference for the UK, brings together legal and mental health experts from across Europe, together with the leading voices in the field such as Amy J. L. Baker Ph.D, Steve Miller and Linda Gottlieb. This conference focuses upon the legal and mental health interlock which is the way in which mental health interventions with alienated children are managed in the legal arena.

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In October, Parental Alienation Australia is hosting a major conference entitled Lost in the Fog in Hobart Tasmania. This conference examines the latest research, best practice and the delivery of services to support families affected by parental alienation. This conference is being held in Tasmania where the Australian Research Centre for Parental Alienation is based.

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In November the International Council on Shared Parenting will hold its fourth conference in Strasbourg. ‘The fourth International Conference on Shared Parenting will be held in Strasbourg on November 22 and 23, 2018. Being under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, and supported by the City of Strasbourg, this conference represents a landmark in the implementation of children’s rights in situations of parental separation and divorce.’

The Family Separation Clinic will be at each of these conferences and will be presenting our work in reunification as well as in supporting children in transition between parents in shared care situations to help prevent alienation. We are ready to share our success and our knowledge as well as come together with others who are key in this field to achieve change for children affected by divorce and separation.

As well as attending these conferences we will be delivering training in California, in various places around Australia and are working together with the Parental Alienation Study Group, the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners and the Australian Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners as well as Simply Parent, to develop worldwide standards of practice in this field.

This is a big year in which this emerging field of scientific work, in the care and protection of children affected by divorce and family separation, will be raised to public awareness all around the world.

We want everyone who does this work with families to share and help us to develop the learning, the development and the thinking which is pushing this agenda forward.

Share the knowledge, learn the skills and pass it on is our motto.

One movement, many hands.

Time for change.