We are starting to get busy about the future of parental alienation at the Family Separation Clinic with a year which is packed full of activity designed to raise awareness, train new practitioners, develop a new membership and governance organisation and generally being the change we want to see in the world.  After an incredibly tough start to the year, which saw us all being knocked out by flu, we are back on the up and getting ready to make some big new things happen.

First off is our short trip to Belgium next weekend to deliver our popular two day differentiation and treatment route training.  We have a great group of people getting ready to gather in Antwerp, you can join us too if you are quick, we have a couple of places left and you can book here to be with us.

In early June we will be over in Portugal at the Shared Parent Parenting Conference.

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Next comes our training in Costa Mesa California

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If you would like to join our Reunification and Development Group training, we want to hear from you.  We are seeking practitioners who wish to work with the Family Separation Clinic reunification model to join the trainees from last year in delivering our reunification programme for alienated children in the USA.

Reunification Programmes are generally extremely expensive and training to deliver reunification of severely alienated children and families can reach into thousands of dollars.  Our reunification programme costs $1700 for the full three day training and a year’s follow up of support, supervision and development.  You can go on to utilise this training individually in the US family courts or as part of a team.  The intervention contains the same protocols as all of the well known reunification programs, a 90 day separation protocol, input to shift the alienated state of mind and a therapeutic aftercare program which builds and protects resilience in the child.  The FSC program has been used already in the USA and has been shown to be effective.  If you would like to train with us, we offer you the opportunity to speak to practitioners who are already using this intervention with success before you do so.  This is a small development group, with limited space. Contact us here, to book your place.

Immediately after our California trainings we fly to Colorado to join with Simply Parent in their inaugural conference which will kick off a three year strategy to change the face of parental alienation awareness around the world.

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This is an important conference which gives everyone the chance to kick PA up into public awareness.

Leading on from the Simply Parent Conference we will be in Stockholm at the PASG2018 conference.

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and then it is back to London for the first major conference of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners.

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Rounding up a big year in PA consciousness raising, we will be travelling to Australia for the ‘Lost in the Fog’ conference at Hobart University in Tasmania.  Our FSC Australian trainings will be announced very soon now so watch this space.

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As we gear up for the challenge to travel around the world and join together with all of the other people who are being the change we want to see in the world of parental alienation we will be keeping the future firmly in our mind.

A world in which children are not forced to choose to lose on parent to keep the other.

A world in which a child’s right to an unconscious experience of childhood is protected.

A world away from where we are now, but a world in which many hands are joined together to create monumental change.

Along with our colleagues we are ready.

Come and join us.