1. My heart dropped when I read the analogy of parent alienation and cancer. My adult son (severely alienated for more than half of his life from me) died in 2017 to a gruesome brain cancer. In my son’s case, it is my firm belief that it was not a PA/cancer analogy but tragically, a correlation of the two.

    Alienation must be stopped. Karen, I’ve been following you and I thank you for the work you do in raising awareness… it is a silent and often times, losing war for many of us alienated parents. Please let me know how I can help in Australia with your cause. I haven’t left my name publicly, as the alienator in my case is still working on other children, but please feel free to contact me by email.


  2. I was married 24 years and divorced 4 years ago. my exhusband turned my 26 and 21 year old against me and is now presently trying to take my 10 year old away from me. i did not know what this was called until today. im fighting for my daughter without money for a lawyer. he kept my daughter from me for 100 days and still after contempt hearing is continuing the cycle of abuse. i feel a sense of relief to find it is called alienation. it all has been done to further abuse me. im hurting for my daughter


  3. Thank you for all that you do Karen. I am fighting for my girls. Strength in numbers. Knowledge is power. No fear!!


  4. I was alienated from my loving dad by my abusive mother in 1984….I would have chosen to live with him from t age of 8 as he was a great provider and teacher. My mother has now made up lies and slanders me to the courts and tries to gaslight me at every opportunity. She has , with t help of social services, legally stolen my son. At first I was allowed contact…now I’m not…no reason given…except my son stated and I quote ” nanny’s locking me in her cellar” social worker neglects to believe him. Thus is Islington London. From a competent and loving parent who is missing her children.


  5. I’m only in the early stages of this similar situation as the others that commented before me. I’m hurting much like Jill from the above comments. My daughter is only 32 months old, but her Trust Funded mother is taking the law into her own hands by paying her way through the legal system.

    I’m financially strapped and mentally paralyzed. I’ve been abused physically, mentally and especially financially. I cry for my daughters struggles almost daily. She has been characterized as “Emotionally Flat” by the disgusting and evil DAP (domestic abuse project)programming facilitator.

    DAP is a organization run by all women in Minneapolis. They support women who claim abuse by their parental partner, but they do not investigate to protect against false claims. Their mission statement tells a lot about the favoritism that women receive in this day and age. It’s appalling to realize that there is no systemic structure for MEN THAT ARE ABUSED! It’s becoming more and more common these days folks, WAKE UP! Women are favored in most states here in the U.S.

    Parenting time inequities are extremely detrimental to the healthy upbringing of a child. I’m burnt and the system has failed me so far…….I need help so badly.


  6. I had no idea there was an actual term for this but I’m glad finally after so many years I have found my answer and hopefully solution. I have 5 children total and I am currently being alienated from 3 of them the first I’d my son who is 24 years old now and this in 4 days it will be 3 years since I have last seen or even spoken to him. By another father I have 2 little girls and it’s been a constant nightmare and it’s been 2 and a half months since I had last seen them up until 2 days ago when I was able to go to my 6 year old birthday… As soon as I saw them and they saw me the tests would not stop flowing and the hug lasted for what felt like 5 min. After the party my ex’s new wife assaulted me and my mother who just recently had surgery in front of my little girls in a public Trampoline park where my daughter’s party was being held. They were suppose to finally come over that night… Now he says I’ll never see them again in my life… Hid wife started the incident and me and my daughter’s r left suffering the consequences of it…


  7. I need help. My ex husband is using parent alienation on me. I have all kinds of proof that what he is saying to authorities and the judge is not true but no one will listen and now the kids are being hurt more than ever. What can I do please help me please


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