1. My heart dropped when I read the analogy of parent alienation and cancer. My adult son (severely alienated for more than half of his life from me) died in 2017 to a gruesome brain cancer. In my son’s case, it is my firm belief that it was not a PA/cancer analogy but tragically, a correlation of the two.

    Alienation must be stopped. Karen, I’ve been following you and I thank you for the work you do in raising awareness… it is a silent and often times, losing war for many of us alienated parents. Please let me know how I can help in Australia with your cause. I haven’t left my name publicly, as the alienator in my case is still working on other children, but please feel free to contact me by email.


  2. I was married 24 years and divorced 4 years ago. my exhusband turned my 26 and 21 year old against me and is now presently trying to take my 10 year old away from me. i did not know what this was called until today. im fighting for my daughter without money for a lawyer. he kept my daughter from me for 100 days and still after contempt hearing is continuing the cycle of abuse. i feel a sense of relief to find it is called alienation. it all has been done to further abuse me. im hurting for my daughter


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