The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners was convened in Prague in 2017 to provide a new governing body for everyone working in the field of parental alienation.  The EAPAP website has details of the members and we will be adding to that list over the coming months as membership grows.   What EAPAP does for parents, is provide a reassurance that the people who are working with you, are working to internationally recognised standards of practice in the field of parental alienation.  In recent months there has been a mushrooming of practitioners who say they are experts in the field, including many who say they are ‘the only’ practitioners doing this or that.  As a parent, when you see this kind of proclamation, be wary if the people making it are not members of EAPAP because if they are not, what they are doing is not working to internationally recognised standards of practice, but something else.

The risk for parents who experience rejection from their children is that they will fall into the hands of people who believe that they know the solutions to parental alienation but in fact the solutions they use are far away from what is needed.  I have recently read headlines stating that someone is ‘the only practitioner group using assessment and therapy for parental alienation‘ and another which reads ‘the only practitioner concerned with narcissistic abuse and parental alienation.’  Whilst these strap lines look good as marketing tools, the reality is that vulnerable parents will believe these claims and will end up being put through assessments which are nothing like internationally recognised standards.  EAPAP as a regulating body which is in line with the Parental Alienation Study Group, will ensure that all parents can be confident that the service they are receiving is properly configured to meet the needs of alienated children and their families.

The EAPAP Conference in London brings the worldwide experts in the field of parental alienation together with leading legal and mental health professionals in the UK and Europe.  This conference is an important staging post in ensuring that the emerging field of parental alienation is properly regulated to protect parents from people who say they are expert when in fact they are not.  I have written recently about how to make the right choices about who should assess your case, membership of EAPAP, will give all parents the reassurance that what is being done in your case is really conforming to international standards of practice.

At the very least any practitioner with whom you work should be able to do the following –

  • Give three references of parents whose children have been reunited with them via their work in the family courts.
  • Demonstrate the assessment process undertaken and the point at which the alienated child is reintroduced to the parent they are rejecting.
  • Explain their work in the field and how it conforms to internationally recognised practice.

Any practitioner who suggests that by asking the above questions you are somehow being difficult or contributing to the problem seen in your children should be avoided.

EAPAP brings together those who are working to internationally recognised standards in the UK and Europe.  You can see those people here.

You can read more about the EAPAP Conference here.

Alienated parents and their children are a vulnerable group with particular needs. EAPAP will protect parents and children as well as practitioners who seek to do this work in ways which conform to international standards.

The Family Separation Clinic is leading the curation and certification of internationally recognised standards of practice for the Parental Alienation Study Group and is the leading partner in the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners.

Please note that tickets for parents for the conference will be available in July.