The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners will be launched at our Conference in London on August 30&31st.

This is our first major conference and it marks the end of one phase and the start of the next in our work to standardise practice and regulate the field of work with children and families affected by parental alienation.

This regulation is very necessary in an area where there is huge a surge in people who say they are expert, but who are in fact, delivering services which fall far short of the internationally recognised standards which are curated by the extensive research evidence from around the world.

As part of this process of regulation, we are ensuring that parents, grandparents and wider family members who are affected by a child’s unjustified rejection, are enabled to contribute to the development of services in this field.

The Conference itself will be interactive, with audience members being invited to vote upon questions posed to them throughout the two days. This dialogical approach, is designed to ensure maximum responsiveness to the real needs of families, not those which are perceived by practitioners who work at distance from the people they are seeking to help.

As part of this process of interactivity, we are inviting all parents and grandparents and wider family members, to take our survey.  It will only take a short amount of your time but it will help to shape the future of services and how they are provided to families right across Europe.  As EAPAP forms a new practitioners membership model for other countries around the world too, your response will help us to roll out services and regulation of delivery of these, right around the world.

In the coming days I will be announcing new initiatives from EAPAP as well as explaining what you can expect from us in the months to come.  We are preparing to serve the needs of families across Europe by making the work that we do transparent, regulated and responsive to your needs.  You can help us to do this by completing our survey today.

Complete the Survey here


EAPAP 2018 is on August 30/31st at the Cavendish Centre in Central London.  Come and join us to hear world leading experts and share your views on how support to families affected by parental alienation in Europe should be delivered.

Tickets for professionals can be purchased here.

We have a small number of tickets left for parents who wish to attend as part of our parent panel – please email us at