Healing the Heart in Parental Alienation

One of the greatest difficulties when a child is being alienated is the manner in which the witnessing of the harm being done and the helplessness to prevent it, can cause a parent to begin to mirror the behaviour of the alienating parent. What I often observe in my work is that the pathologically splitContinue reading “Healing the Heart in Parental Alienation”

All Those Things We Ever Were

Monday morning and I am on my rounds again. As I zig zag across the country, meeting family and friends between working with families affected by parental alienation, I am carrying with me my own life experiences and processing them, filing away the feelings, the reactions and responses, in order to provide the clean sheetContinue reading “All Those Things We Ever Were”

The Heart of the Matter: Learning from the Experts in Parental Alienation

Having spent five days in the company of the world leading authorities in parental alienation, I am reminded again of the depth of the scientific field and both the passion and commitment of those who do this work.  Having been fortunate to spend time with Linda Gottlieb and Steve Miller in London and having beenContinue reading “The Heart of the Matter: Learning from the Experts in Parental Alienation”

The Terrorised Child: The Ideological Distortion of Parenting

One of the themes which is bubbling up from the media reporting of parental alienation in recent weeks is the ideological viewpoint that children have the right to decide whether they are ‘keen on’ a parent or not. Accompanying this ideological viewpoint is a new phrase, which has also recently been seen bubbling up fromContinue reading “The Terrorised Child: The Ideological Distortion of Parenting”

Clinical Reasoning, Cognitive Dissonance and the Unreliability of CAFCASS

Five days after the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners Conference in London, at which eighteen of the world’s leading authorities on parental alienation delivered what Sir Paul Coleridge, (a former High Court Judge) referred to as ‘gold standard’ evidence, two social workers from CAFCASS have released a podcast about parental alienation for Community Care.Continue reading “Clinical Reasoning, Cognitive Dissonance and the Unreliability of CAFCASS”

Internationally Recognised Training for Reunification of Alienated Children and Families – Tasmania 2018

For all enquiries please email office@familyseparationclinic, for bookings please email us for a booking form and an invoice will be sent to you. We have six places left for this training.  Book now to secure your place.        

EAPAP 2018 – Headlines from Day Two

Day two of the EAPAP Conference was focused upon the mental health interventions which are seen to be effective around the world with alienated children and their families. In the morning we heard from Steve Miller M.D on the contraindications of generic therapy in PA and in the afternoon we heard from Linda Gottlieb onContinue reading “EAPAP 2018 – Headlines from Day Two”