EAPAP 2018 – Headlines from Day Two

Day two of the EAPAP Conference was focused upon the mental health interventions which are seen to be effective around the world with alienated children and their families.

In the morning we heard from Steve Miller M.D on the contraindications of generic therapy in PA and in the afternoon we heard from Linda Gottlieb on the way in which Salvador Minuchin, the father of family systems therapy, would have agreed that generic family therapy is wrong in treatment of parental alienation.  Linda, who was trained and mentored by Salvador Minuchin told us….Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 09.13.45

A powerful message for the conference and one which underpins the key headline of  the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners over the coming year.

EAPAP will bring the following commitment to life in the coming months.  A commitment to parents and children who are affected by parental alienation all over Europe.  Working with our partners in Croatia, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Holland and Sweden, we will ensure that the following is made true in 2018/2019.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 07.54.28

During the conference I heard from several parents who had undergone generic therapy for parental alienation.  One person told me that it had cost over £30,000 to have almost 100 hours of therapy to arrive in a place where the relationship had still not been restored.

This is unacceptable.  EAPAP is designed to ensure that this cannot continue.

The conference papers will be published as a lasting testament to the reality that the practice guidelines and research evidence which underpins them have existed for already for almost two decades.

With a raft of applications for membership of EAPAP already waiting in the in box, we are ready to begin the work of changing this field forever.

Thank you to all of the presenters who travelled so far to be with us to contribute to a content rich and powerful event.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked so hard to make this conference so successful, we could not have done it without you.


Conference follow up

The entire two day event was filmed and we will be discussing how best to make that available over the coming days.  Information about this will be posted here and on the EAPAP website http://www.eapap.eu

The slides from some of the presenters will be made available from the EAPAP website after September 11th – if you attended the conference you will be able to access these through a code which will be sent to you after September 11th.

Training programmes, events, supervision and mentoring in different disciplines will be scheduled for members. Membership of EAPAP will offer an accredited training route which conforms to internationally recognised and endorsed standards.

Education of the Judiciary and all family court officers across Europe will be undertaken by partners in their own country using EAPAP standards.

Membership of EAPAP is for practitioners in the legal and mental health disciplines across Europe and information about membership can be obtained by emailing office@eapap.eu.  Information will be available after 15th September.






  1. Oh, how I wish I knew of Linda Gottlieb a decade ago. Right here in my backyard – (NY), and she would have been able to shed so much light on my WTF? existence. So many mental health professionals with zero understanding of PA, if we can steer those affected to resources such as Linda there will be hope.

    For those who have not read her writings, I strongly encourage you to visit: http://endparentalalienation.weebly.com/about-linda.html


    1. I had tea with Linda today and Steve Miller. We are planning a video together. Linda is an astonishing force in this field she truly is, her presentation to the EAPAP conference was, for me, a huge highlight – because she describes so well the work we as practitioners have to do – I am incredibly privileged to be able to learn more from her.

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      1. I have just looked at Linda’s website and read some of her articles. She describes it all, everything – as you do Karen. “The Sacrifice of The Alienated Parent” left me feeling totally wrung out. My daughter is 37 years old and married but still enmeshed with her father who started giving her permission to bad mouth me when she was 15 and he decided he didn’t like me much anymore. I have spent so many years – two decades – seeking explanations and here they all are on your site and on Linda’s.

        I have found a life without them both. It’s not the one I ever wanted but it’s good in its own way. I look at my past with my daughter and it’s as if it was wiped out. At least I’ve got the photo albums full of the hundreds of photos I took and which will one day be returned to my daughter.

        What’s left?
        Well, I will do as suggested in the article (I tried answering many of those exact questions suggested in the article after I left them both but it just brought on more hatred from my daughter) and leave a package of love for her(along with the many photo albums) after I’m gone. Though I numb my heart I obviously still love who she was even though I struggle to love what she became. I have had no contact with her four years – her choice not mine.

        This whole thing – PAS – needs stopping NOW. Thank goodness there are people like you (all) trying so hard to do just that before even more children get to adulthood and still hate. It’s an exciting time for all parents for whom it’s not yet too late.

        Now for a walk with my cairn to clear my head and stretch his legs 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much for your contribution, Willow.

        For nearly 17 years, I’ve struggled to come to a decision as to the wisest means (and timing) for communicating my inner feelings and true character to my, now, adult children about our PA separation – should it be a note/letter, a book or something in-between? As a direct result of your post, I’ve read Linda’s article and now have the answer……it’s not so much about the ‘vehicle’ for the message but more about the content of the message and Linda’s questions get to the heart of what I need to say to them in a “non-he said/she said” manner.

        For me, I (and by extension the adult children) may have lost many battles but the most crucial issue is to try and win the war so that those following me will have sufficient understanding to ‘stop the rot’ where the inter-generational aspect is concerned

        Thanks again (and thank YOU ‘Karen’ for making that possible)

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  2. everything happens

    It’s hard isn’t it, but I’m glad I read that article and I will leave something along those lines along with the photo albums. I shall ask my solicitor to get them to her – I moved 150 miles away and I very much doubt she’d come to get them as she’s cut off my side of the family too.

    I have no idea HOW such a package will be received (hopefully long into the future) or whether it will be read. If it’s read, will she feel terrible guilt (not what I want) will she be able to live with that guilt? Will she regret? Who knows how it will be received or how she’ll feel. I know she won’t change her opinion of me while her dad is around and maybe not even after that.

    Even though we know what to do -having read the article – even that’s not easy and fraught with what ifs.

    And it’s not easy to write either when in the middle of wanting to forget the pain!

    My very best wishes to everyone on here xx


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