Internationally Recognised Training for Reunification of Alienated Children and Families – Tasmania 2018

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For all enquiries please email office@familyseparationclinic, for bookings please email us for a booking form and an invoice will be sent to you.

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5 thoughts on “Internationally Recognised Training for Reunification of Alienated Children and Families – Tasmania 2018

  1. Dr Woodall,

    Can you recommended anyone in the Los Angeles area to help me? Therapists? Attorneys?


  2. Dr. Karen Woodall please share with your students:

    I am a mental health therapist, the targeted parent to children with narcissistic parental alienation. I was in reunification therapy for three months with my child and it went horribly wrong. After a 23 year marriage, my husband discarded me, refused to leave my three children in my care, my being their mother as most men do after divorce. All three children to this union have no positive relationship with me today, because he “kidnapped” their minds to believe his fantasy of him being both their father and their mother. This game of his, to using them to deceive others , is is way to erasing my worth as a parent, undermining my authority because he wants it all for himself. He has both experts and all those who will listen believing his false accusations to support his fantasy, falsely claiming I am an incompetent parent, mentally unstable, and a danger to my children. A Child Family Investigation report was released by a psychologist, but a blind eye was turned by this psychologist to not take action to my ex’s ‘red flags’ clearly evident to warrant child protection from NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) [ If this was true, that I was suffering from a mental disorder, I was eager to know what would be my diagnosis. I personally chose to leave the profession as a practitioner, since it was a conflict of interest between my personal and professional life. As a parent my role of mother was my priority over my career; so this case was personally difficult and emotionally traumatic for me being the targeted parent, the one blamed for my children’s poor mental health.
    Post-divorce I expected the children to move between houses with ease, being in close proximity and happily sharing in their development. As a result of his greed, my children were instead isolated by him from me because he doesn’t want them to have a relationship with me. Over time, he made his intentions known being informed as parental alienation (PA), a selfish means of turning his children away from me, their other loving parent, for no reason. My second child was “mentally kidnapped” around the age of 9 (family intact) and groomed up to the age of 14 (time of divorce) and unkown to her, to beome his replacement of me (to be his companion, or codependent). A year between separation and divorce, the children feared retribution if they opted to come live with me. I was given only 1 hour per week to be with them, lasting for another year after divorce to as a result of my own fear to make him angry. Both my oldest child and my youngest child were not of concern to him (a second ‘red flag’ where favoritim exists), so he never held them back from being with me. The middle child was his selected child, his “golden child” and he did everything possible to discourage her need to being in a healthy parent-child relationship with me. He used emotional isolation on her convinvce her I was a danger to her (but he still allowed her sisters to come visit – very odd but clearly a ‘red flag’). She retreated further from me, to show no interest in who I was to her. By the time she was 16, she independently grew to believe him and sought him to reduce her fear of me (a ‘red flag’ of codependency) to him. This led her distorted mind to be confused between a fantasy with her dad replacing me, and her reality to my being her mother. This child lost her real life whenever she couldn’t separate herself from her fantasy life. When she returned to her real world she discovered she had no peers as friends, they all walked away from her strange behavior; she fluncked 11th grade and got kicked out of school to which she saw no interest to perform; and her attempt to escape to find me was one she craved but feared to proceed because she could not follow through her anxiety and fear to losing her unhealthy attachment with him ruled her. In these dark times, I was ordered by the court to “fix the problem”, but I couldn’t afford to go get therapy for myself. I didn’t have a diagnosis given to me in the report by the psychologist. It was at this time reunification therapy was the “buzz” word in litigation. The idea seemed hopeful to me because I was willing to do anything to reunite with my lost child. I had my hopes up, believing reunification therapy would bring back my role as a parent to this child, sad to say it didn’t. After three months with a reunification therapist, my child never showed progress. I realized she was trapped between two worlds and still is today. There existed a circus of “experts” (many of my colleagues) in this case who either ignored or avoided my cry for help, knowing all my children were suffering from different levels of parental alienation syndrome (PAS syndrome). This child refected 11 of 16 symptoms of PAS, and yet no action to stop such ongoing childhood emotional abuse was provided by the courts to protect her. Today, I look back at how the system failed my child, to not taking appropriate steps through the courts prior to reunification treatment, to issue an in juncture of temporary removal of custody (i.e. foster home placement), to retain a equal playing field of contact to be the same as me (as you remember she had 1 hour per week or no contact with me because he overly protected her). Had proper intervention by the courts to removed the child prior to reunification therapy taken place, her overall mental health would have improved. The reunification therapy went horribly wrong for my chid, because the therapist failed to first request the courts to temporarily remove the child from any negative influence to the child (taking all measures from allowing the child to take sides). Because she remained in his custody durung reunification therapy she was not protected from his interference of ongoing disparging of me, placing negative impact on my child’s effort to reunite with me. This gave him much leverage over the process leading the child to continue to reject me, telling the therapist I was a danger to her. I realized my hope for reunification was a lost cause, costing more than what I could afford, with the child being negatively impacted. I immediately terminated all treatment. It was never a future plan for her to come live with me, the purpose here was to reunite our once strong and existing parent-child relationship. Instead of uniting us, the reunification therapist divided us. I was devastated because my parental rights to my child were eventually terminated, defined court order of “No Contact” with my child, with this therapist being fooled for listening to my childs desire to retain her unhealthy attachment with him. The therapist enabled the ongoing abuse of PAS syndrome to live in my children, and to this day they have yet to want to remove themselves from his having mentally kidnapped them. Her belief of his false allegations of my abandonment, are what led her to reject me. This child’s experience of PA from me, precipitated severe depression, experiencing suicidal ideation, suffering two manic depressive episodes. Not ling after reunification therapy ended did she attempted suicide, ending up at the psychiatric hospital on suicide watch. Often she became combative to me – treating me as if I was her child, to scold; seeing me as her rivial in a triad relationship with him; or taking his anger on me claiming I am delusional (for which this projection of his hate is one she learned to use for which she had reason to be angry). When she lived in her reality as my child, we got along beautifully, and those moments I will hold forever in loving memory of her.
    As a targeted parent I use DBT therapy to help me cope with my child’s ambivalence, and use CBT therapy to do self care, to avoid guilt of blame that can easily r consume me. I have since learned to remove myself from the equation and recently relocated to another state to provide a place for my children to come to way away from his negative influence, to make this a beautiful place a home. My youngest child is now living in a bubble with his pattern of negative behavior, currently isolated from me and living his fantasy to being both dad and mom. He has retaliated against me to my ongoung parenting role as her mother, and has blocked her frim having regular or any contact with me to helping her make age appropriate decisions. Like my oldest child, my youngest child suffers from a mild case of PAS syndrome and her ability to fight such adversity is one she will later in adulthood be able to overcome with reunification therapy.
    So for trainers and practitioners, I bring awareness to why “temporary removal of custody” is a necessity to be done by the courts (and/or requested by the therapist) before any reunification treatment is given. This elimiates the causation to ineffective treatment .
    I see reunification therapy to be achievable once my children seek a need to return to their real world where I have always been here for them patiently waiting for them being their loving and caring mother/parent. In the meantime, I continue to reach out to them from afar by social media, cell, text, and email. I refuse to say my two oldest children are estranged from me because I know they didn’t chose to be this way; rather I see them to being temporaily disassociated from me to one day want to come to me and do reunification therapy if needed – this gives me hope.

    Best regard.


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