Leading the Way in Romania

The interdisciplinary approach of litigation with minor in cases of Parental Alienation Conference -16-17 of May 2019 – Bucharest, Romania.

Bucharest Tribunal together with an NGO – APISET Association (The Art of Innovative Projects in Education, Health and Tourism), is organising for the first time in Romania, an international congress devoted exclusively to the issues of alienated children.

Dr. Simona Maria Vlădica, organiser of the conference says –
‘This is the first international congress organized by a public authority in the field, that is, the biggest court in Romania that handles juvenile cases. We are talking about the Tribunal (the second instance in order of judges cases – they decisions remain definitive) who understood the gravity of the phenomenon of parental alienation and wants to organize this training of magistrates in the sense of their specialization in this delicate matter. The targeted audience will be formed exclusively by magistrates (judges and prosecutors) involved in solving this kind of cases. Psychologists are welcomed, too.

Secondly, we are planning to improve the legislation in Romania, to change the Romanian law and/or to add/change some articles from the law.

Also, the specialists in this field from around the world will sit together for 2 days of conference with the objective to find solutions to combat parental alienation by implementing exercise joint custody and extensive personal engagement In Romania prosecutors are prosecuting criminal offenses in which they commit the offense of non-observance of measures concerning the custody of minors, harassment and ill-treatment of minors.

During this congress we will find from the reputable specialists in the field both from the country and from abroad (judges, prosecutors and psychologists) sensitive issues regarding different cases of emotional abuse exercised by the parents on the minors in the case of the separation. 

The main purpose of this conference is forming the skills and abilities of magistrates judges and prosecutors through a theoretical and practical training, in order to be able to identify cases of emotional abuse exercised by parents on minors and dispose some measures in order to analyze and to take the effective treatment programs as well penalizing the abusive parent by changing the child’s home to the parent victim.’

This conference is focused upon action as well as dialogue and is for professionals working in the field.

Nick and I will be presenting at this conference on day two, we are delighted to be working with Dr Vlădica who has long been a visionary in her drive to bring solutions to the problem of parental alienation in Romania.

For more information please contact dr.simonavladica@gmail.com


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Developing Standards of Practice – EAPAP

EAPAP held its second conference in London last year and is now focusing upon the setting of standards for practitioners working with alienated children and families.

The standards that EAPAP will set were introduced at the Conference in London and were endorsed by the experts in attendance as follows –


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The EAPAP aim is to drive up standards by demonstrating how proven interventions deliver successful outcomes in the Family Courts through the education of the Judiciary and front line staff.

Work is now underway to deliver a Judicial Training Programme to all countries signed up to EAPAP along with training for front line staff in statutory services.

The Family Separation Clinic is delivering a training for European practitioners in April of this year to provide a seedbed of services which meet EAPAP standards.

Partners in the EAPAP project include Judges, Lawyers, Psychiatrists and Psychologists from 14 European Countries.

Parental Alienation on Stage in London

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Wilderness is a play about parental alienation written by Kellie Smith whose experience in writing for performance is extensive and impressive.  Next month in London, the Hampstead Theatre in London will host a production of Wilderness bringing the issue of parental alienation to the London stage.

See more and book tickets here


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Putting you in charge of management of court processes, communications, decisions and support of your children, this workshop is for you if you are struggling with your relationship with your children or if you are no longer seeing them at all.

A module for communicating with children is included along with new concepts of coping and healing from a trans-generational perspective.  Tools for helping your children are included throughout.

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