The third international conference of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners is announced in Zagreb, Croatia on 15/16 June 2020.  Featuring key speakers on the topics of induced psychological splitting, attachment and trauma, this conference is for new and experienced practitioners.

In Croatia, Serbia and other countries in the region this year, eight hundred professionals signed a declaration of understanding of the needs of children in divorce and separation and the treatment routes which support them.  Led by Professor Gordana Flander at the Child and Youth Protection Centre of Zagreb, this initiative includes early intervention to prevent alienation strategies being used by parents, providing protection and support to children from the earliest possible stages in family separation.

This is a far sighted policy development for these countries and forms a cornerstone of child protection approaches in working with families affected by parental alienation.  Our partnership with the Child and Youth Protection Centre in Zagreb has developed into a strong and powerful alliance which is rapidly developing around the world.

At the EAPAP Conference in London in 2018, I discussed the international standards of practice which are promoted by EAPAP and which are derived directly from work undertaken by European Colleages in 2002 at the first International Congress on Parental Alienation Syndrome.   You can hear that presentation by pressing the image below.

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In 2020 the standards of practice which are agreed by EAPAP will be expanded into training which underpins direct work with families around the world. These standards, which are taken directly from the international evidence on what works for alienated children and families, were endorsed in 2018 by Sir Paul Coleridge who chaired the EAPAP conference.  Further endorsements by leading legal people in key European countries follow and education and training will be made available to legal and mental health professionals around the world.

Our aim is to drive up standards of intervention and to protect practitioners working in this space so that more will come to do this work.  Working together with colleages across Europe and the USA, a professional association of skilled practitioners is created.

More news on the EAPAP2020 conference can be found at and key speakers, including leading childhood trauma experts will be announced shortly.

EAPAP 2020 – Parental Separation, Alienation and Splitting: Healing Beyond Reunification  will be held on 15/16th June 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia.

This conference will bring together practitioners in the field of child abuse, trauma and attachment  to explore the ways in which existing therapies and models of understanding of abuse and trauma can be translated into work with abused children of divorce and separation.  Taking place over two days, the conference will deliver intensives in different aspects of parental alienation to present a cohesive set of standards for international assessment, differentiation and intervention.

This is a practitioner only conference, streaming of parts of the conference will be available for parents and a parents Q&A session will be co-ordinated on day two.


Family Separation Clinic Training Schedule 2020

We will be delivering the following training and conference presentations in 2020

February – Republic of Ireland in conjunction with Irish Practitioners – details here shortly.

February – Germany in conjunction with German practitioners – details here shortly.

June 15/16EAPAP 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia.

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Summer – Reunification Training in Conjunction with Colorado University – details to be confirmed.

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