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The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners is a group which brings together the most senior and experienced practitioners in the field of parental alienation from Europe.  This is a voluntary endeavour which is funded by the hard work of these clinicians who give their time for free to develop this organisation to protect parents the practitioners who work with them.

The EAPAP 2020 conference will bring together leading practitioners from Europe and the USA in the field of child abuse, trauma and attachment  to explore the ways in which existing therapies and models of understanding of abuse and trauma can be translated into work with children and families affected by parental alienation.

Taking place over two days, the conference will deliver intensives in different aspects of parental alienation to present a cohesive set of standards for international assessment, differentiation and intervention.

This is a practitioner only conference, streaming of parts of the conference will be available for parents and a parents Q&A session will be co-ordinated on day two.

The speaker list for the EAPAP 2020 conference, which will be announced shortly, includes leading practitioners and researchers in the field of –

Intergenerational Trauma

Family Violence


Personality Disorder

Family Therapies which are adapted to suit the needs of alienated children and their families

Object Relations Theory

Mind/Body Therapies for Trauma

Reunification Programmes

The focus of the conference is upon treatment of induced psychological splitting which is the internal issue which is seen in parental alienation.  All aspects of treatment will be explored at the conference where international practice standards will be launched.

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