This week we have been in Iceland where we trained psychologists and psychotherapists as well as staff from the Child Protection Service.  We also met Members of the Icelandic Parliament with whom we discussed how to bring specialist services together to support families affected by a child’s induced psychological splitting.

Yesterday we worked with forty parents whose children are alienated from them.  The longest period of time a parent had not seen their child was fifty two years.

Here in Iceland, the same problems are faced by families affected by this problem as elsewhere in the world.  Lack of knowledge about the problem, assumptions that rejection is caused by something a parent has done and powerful resistance to whole family help from ideological groups.

Our thanks to Félag um foreldrajafnrétti for their kind invitation to come to Iceland to work with them.  We look forward to them joining us in Zagreb in June along with practitioners from Iceland to share in developing new approaches to understanding, differentiating and treating families affected by alienation of a child.

The video below explains how we are thinking and working with alienation and the formation of a theoretical framework for understanding and treating the issue of alienation from a psychoanalytical perspective.

This new theoretical framework, which contains the principles and protocols of successful intervention with children suffering from induced psychological splitting, will be further explored at the confernce in Zagreb.

Our aim is to make this problem in families treatable by therapists using a proven step wise approach to resolution.


EAPAP2020 in Zagreb, Croatia – 15/16 June 2020

The conference early bird bookings closed on 31st January at close to three hundred practitioners, demonstrating the level of interest in understanding and working with alienated children and their families in Europe.

Whilst we are able to expand capacity, it is now appears likely that this conference will sell out  even with extended capacity, well before June 2020.  Therefore, if you are planning to attend it is important that you book as soon as possible.

Professor Flander and her team who are hosting the conference are absolutely delighted that so many people around the world have shown interest in this conference.  The Scientific and Organising Committe are working hard now to make sure that it is as packed full of useful take-away information to use in your practice as possible.

Parental Separation, Alienation and Splitting: Healing Beyond Reunification 


The Scientific and Organising Committeeof the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners are delighted to welcome Jill Salberg Ph.D as our key note speaker for the EAPAP2020 Conference. In our view, Jill’s work in the field of traumatic attachment is an important area for exploration by all clinicians working in this field.

When trauma revisits a person trans-generationally through dysregulated and disrupted attachment patterns, it is within the child’s empathic attunement and search for a parental bond that the mode of transmission can be found.‘  Jill Salberg Ph.D

 About Jill Salberg

Jill Salberg, Ph.D., ABPP is a clinical associate professor and clinical consultant/supervisor at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Her articles on Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma appear in international psychoanalytic journals and she has co-edited two books with Sue Grand, The Wounds of History: Repair and Resilience in the Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma, and Transgenerational Trauma and the Other: Dialogues Across History and Difference,(2017). Both books won the Gradiva Award for 2018.  She is in private practice in New York, U.S.

Presentations and Master Classes will be delivered in the following areas of clinical practice

  • The role of trans-generational transmission of trauma in parental alienation
  • Reformulating understanding of parental alienation using Object Relations Theory
  • Understanding the power and control dynamic and its role in parental alienation
  • Attachment trauma and its role in parental alienation
  • Understanding induced psychological splitting in a child after divorce and separation
  • The role of the legal and mental health interlocking partnership in treatment
  • Best practice in working with families in Israel.
  • Learning from Romania on prevention and legal management of cases of parental alienation.
  • Using principles and protocols of best practice in Malta.
  • Interventions adapted from the internationally recognised principles and protocols in Croatia.
  • Master class in legal management of parental alienation in the UK
  • Towards a new integrative assessment, differentiation and treatment route for parental alienation
  • Introducing internationally recognised principles and protocols for assessment, differentiation and treatment of the problem of parental alienation.

The EAPAP2020 conference in Zagreb is for practitioners in mental health and legal management of children’s relationships with parents after family separation including social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, attorneys, solicitors and barristers, Judges etc.

Part of this event will be live streamed for parents and a Q&A session will be held during this section.

We will also be looking at delivering a therapeutic parenting workshop for parents in Croatia and surrounding region during the week of the conference.

Costs for the conference are as follows – we very much look forward to welcoming all interested practitioners to Zagreb in June 2020.



Standard fee.               – 169,00 EUR / February 01 – March 15, 2020


Late registration fee – 203,00 EUR / from March 16, 2020


All prices include VAT.