Working with Induced Psychological Splitting in Children of Divorce

New Orleans – May 31st & June 1st 2020

The Family Separation Clinic has pioneered work in the United Kingdom with children and families affected by parental alienation over the past decade and has worked with a wide number of practitioners around the world to share knowledge and skill in development of practice.

Based upon this successful clinical work, this training offers mental health practitioners the knowledge and skills to intervene in cases of alienation of a child using a psychoanalytical approach to understanding and treatment.

The Family Separation Clinic offers unparalleled knowledge in how to manage cases of alienation using the legal and mental health interlocking partnership which releases children from the defence of psychological splitting. Combined with the principles of practice with such cases, mental health practitioners can reformulate their understanding and intervention to provide repeated success for the families they support.

Combining theoretical understanding to enable confidence in understanding alienated children and their behaviours, principles of therapeutic parenting for rejected parents are used to build safe spaces for reconnection.  Rebuilding a hierarchical framework within which to deliver interventions, the principle of Court as ‘super parent’ drives a therapeutic intervention. Utilising adapted therapies which focus upon clearing power and control dynamics and reorganising family dynamics, this work is about enabling the defence of induced psychological splitting to drop in the child.

This is an approach to resolution of induced psychological splitting in a child which affects the whole family as it passes through divorce or separation.  Induced psychological splitting is the underlying problem seen when a child strongly aligns to one parent and rejects the other outright.

Tools for assessment and differentiation are delivered as part of this training alongside a theoretical framework which enables therapists to work with families affected by this problem successfully.  Success in such work always means that the child is enabled to return to an unconscious experience of childhood in relationship to both sides of their family.

Practitioners who would like to talk to others who have trained with FSC or to families we have helped around the world, are welcome to ask us for details of people who are keen to share their experience.  We welcome enquiries and are always happy to share information about our work with anyone who is thinking of training or working with us.

About This Training

This two day development training is for experienced practitioners working with children and families affected by induced psychological splitting, aka parental alienation.

Working with the principles of successful practice in assisting children to resolve the defence of psychological splitting, practitioners will learn –

  • How to reformulate understanding and intervention with families affected by psychological splitting to bring about long term resolution
  • The principles of practice with families affected by parental alienation
  • An Object Relations theory of therapeutic work with families affected by parental alienation
  • How to adapt existing therapies to create potent interventions to match the problem of splitting
  • How to build structured interventions which resolve alienation

This training is open to experienced psychotherapists and psychologists only. Those who have trained previously with the Family Separation Clinic are welcome to join this training to refresh and update their practice with the latest knowledge and skills base from successful work in Europe.

What People Say About This Training

‘It was amazing. Informative, exciting, personal, and it brought me back to doing intensive work with the treasured background I have had in psychoanalysis, object relations, trauma, and attachment theory. I could not recommend it any higher. I loved the flexibility of the program and the focus on inter-generational trauma, and the defenses against experiences of it. Working in this way seems so much more natural. You have brought back my spirit and love of this work.’
Dr. Alice R. Berkowitz, Los Angeles, United States.

‘It was a great privilege for me to take part in the 3-day course in Israel. Gently, sensitively and wisely, you have led the course in providing knowledge and guidance, but even more so, you have emphasized aspects regarding the natural resources available in each of us as therapists. You have brought me confidence in myself, the curiosity to add and study the subject, to delve into it, to explore and experience it. My deepest thanks to you for that!’
Hagit Stern, MSW., Akko, Israel.

‘Enlightening, practical and hopeful’
 Rebecca Campbell, MA, LMFT, Corpus Christi, TX, United States.


Cost: $800 over two days – lunch included

10 places available

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