Ireland Training Group 2020 in Partnership with Caidreamh

We are in Cork in Ireland this week, training psychologists and psychotherapists to work with the principles of practice with alienated children and their families. Yesterday we also delivered an introduction training which included legal people and practitioners from Tusla the Irish Child Protection Service.

Today and tomorrow we will take a smaller group of highly experienced clinicians, through the training which will enable them to reformulate their practice with alienated children and families, leaving with Caidreamh, the host organisation, a working model of intervention which is proven to be successful around the world.

Working with skilled clinicians is what interests me the most because it is through these partnerships that the workforce which is capable of addressing this problem in families will grow.  As the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners develops, the strength that we find in our collegiate approach to understanding and development of treatment routes for this problem, will protect us from the growing negative transference from those who would like to stop this work from being developed.

By the weekend another group of skilled clinicians will be in place in Ireland to take this work forward in their own right.  In addition, practitioners who have joined us here from The Netherlands and from Israel will take their skills back to work with colleagues already part of EAPAP in their own countries.

A skilled workforce which is capable of changing the lives of alienated children around the world is being made real.

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Reformulating Practice With Families Affected by a Child’s Induced Psychological Splitting – EAPAP 2020

Parental Separation, Alienation and Splitting: Healing Beyond Reunification 

The theme of this conference is the reformulation of practice with families affected by a child’s induced psychological splitting.

Over two days the conference will unpack and unpick thinking around cases of parental alienation to shift the focus to the core defence seen in the child and how the principles and protocols of practice with families affected by this can be configured in ways that bring rapid resolutions.

Featuring detailed master classes in each of the areas known to contribute to the onset of induced psychological splitting in a child, practitioners will be enabled to understand the stepwise approach required to reformulate their own practice effectively.

Master Classes

Power and Control

Transgenerational Trauma

Attachment Trauma

Therapeutic Parenting

Psychiatric impact of induced psychological splitting in childhood

Legal and Mental Health Interlocking Relationship for Case Management

Adapted Therapies for Successful Treatment of Parental Alienation

Please note that due to extremely high demand for places on this practitioner only conference limited tickets are left.

If you plan to attend you must BOOK NOW



Standard fee.               – 169,00 EUR / February 01 – March 15, 2020


Late registration fee –  203,00 EUR / from March 16, 2020


All prices include VAT.




  1. I’ve only just come across this by way of Selina in PA Forum.
    This is truly wonderful to hear!
    I have not seen my Children in almost 10 months and when I tried to bring these issues to Counsellors I was completely ign ored – Absolutely horrendous that as an adult looking for qualified help it’s just not recognised regarding what I’m trying to relay. I pray you have great success as I worry deeply for my Children and those of other parents like myself…


    1. Patrick by tomorrow you will have a new group of practitioners doing this work in Ireland. We have done two days intensive work already and tomorrow we will complete that. I am hugely impressed by the skill of the clinicians we are working with and have confidence that things will change rapidly here with their work. K


  2. Dear Karen, You are doing an amazing job, I admire your energy and important work. Is there a possibility for a Swedish social worker to join in any of your trainings planned ahead? I withdraw my registration for the conference as I belong to a riskgroup now the Coronavirus is spreading. All the best to you and Nick, warm regards from Lena.


    1. Hi Lena, you must take good care, the Coronavirus is a risk for sure. We are not planning a training in Europe again this year, the next one is in New Orleans in May. We will however, be training in Europe again early next year and I will let you know when. Sending our best to you Karen and Nick


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