Life and Death Sit Side by Side

Sending our thoughts to our friends and colleagues in Zagreb and the region hit by an earthquake last night. Though we are helpless to help you, we send you our love and our prayers.

What Happens When The World Resets Itself

I don’t know how many days it is since the world changed. Before all this, when fear was not at large and days rushed by in a blur, I would wake with a longing for more time. I woke up this morning to the news that there has been an earthquake in Zagreb, our friends have been in their car since the early hours and it has been snowing. It feels as if everything we know is spinning out of control. I can’t help people that I care about, all I can do is sit here and write. Which feels futile.

The thrush woke me this morning after an unsettled night. I must be tense in my sleep because the crick in my neck woke me several times as the muscle went into spasm. At one point I yelped with the pain and resettling myself, was aware of the reservoir…

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One thought on “Life and Death Sit Side by Side

  1. A close friend lost her 18yr old son in an appallingly tragic car accident 10yrs ago. A series of circumstances that all came cataclysmically together so that he was just the wrong person in the wrong place in that one wrong moment. Her daughter, her only surviving child, got married last year into a wonderful loving family. She lives now in Bergamo, the centre of Italy’s suffering. I can’t imagine the panic my friend feels every day for her daughter, and can only wonder what on earth all this is for. My best wishes for your friends Karen.


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