This year, the EAPAP Conference brings together some of the most skilled clinicians in working with children’s induced psychological splitting, along with highly respected clinicians in the treatment of trans-generational trauma and its treatment and researchers who are concerned with power and control in families affected by divorce and separation.  The conference will examine areas of concern in families affected by alienation such as false allegations and attachment trauma and will also hold key lectures successful interventions with children affected by induced psychological splitting (alienation).

Child protection is the core theme of the conference, which is hosted by the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb.

This is a conference for practitioners.  It is designed to enable those who are already involved in this space and those who would like to know more, to immerse themselves in learning, discussion and consideration of all of the key issues which affect families where children are induced to use the defence of psychological splitting in divorce and separation.

The conference has been expanded to include a third day which will be open to the public with additional lectures and materials available for those who attend.

From Professor Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D.

Dear colleagues, children’s friends from all sectors,

After careful evaluation of the corona virus epidemic, which has brought us this unpredictable time, and with the desire that all already registered participants have the opportunity to listen to the lecturers which we have gathered for you, we have decided to adapt and hold the Third European Conference with international participation EAPAP (European Association of Parental Practitioners) organized by the Zagreb Child And Youth Protection Center in the form of LIVE WEBINAR from September 16-18, 2020.

“Parental Separation, Alienation and Splitting: Healing Beyond Reunification” is the name of the conference, from which the course of action and goal of EAPAP is clear, namely a deep understanding of alienation and other difficulties for children related to parental separation, as well as the development of clear and scientifically based guidelines for the work of all child protection professionals.

The Zagreb Child and Youth Protection Center’s Initiative “28 Truths of the Profession in Protecting Children from Emotional Abuse in Parental Divorce: Establishing Good Practice in Croatia” from last summer garnered more than 800 signatures from experts of different profiles from Croatia and the region, after Karen and Nick Woodall held lecture in Zagreb,

The lecture was viewed in person and via live stream video by more than 3000 interested experts and practitioners.

This excellent response from the Croatian expert public has unambiguously shown the interest, need and goodwill for further development in this area, which is not surprising since about one third of parents’ divorces are complex and the most frequent victims of adult difficulties, poor system coordination and relentless flow of time – are kids.

EAPAP is opening a new chapter on child protection in this area in Croatia, and more than twenty eminent lecturers from Europe, the USA and the region are expected, with multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral, scientific, but also practical presentations, discussions and solutions.

We look forward to your arrival and taking new steps in child protection.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Professor Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D.


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