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This page offers testimonials about our work.  At the Family Separation Clinic we have a list of people you can speak to about our work and how we have helped.  Everyone with whom we have worked is offered the chance to speak to at least three other parents we have helped.  We also have testimonials from Guardians and Social Workers we have worked alongside in cases

About our book

Understanding Parental Alienation is unique… a balance of scholarship and practical, hands-on experience.’
William Bernet M.D.
Professor Emeritus, Vanderbilt University and Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

Understanding Parental Alienation is the book we have been waiting for. This exceptional, comprehensive work offers deep understanding of the devastating phenomenon, which has been fostering helplessness and hopelessness in parents, as well as practitioners for years. Most importantly, the authors make the step beyond by offering guidance on how to cope with parental alienation and take action, enabling parents and practitioners to work together in protecting the well-being of millions of children, who are being denied a loving parent. Having this in mind, the authors never succumb to the pitfall of failing to see the uniqueness of each child and family in parental alienation cases.
The exceptional quality of this book about children, families and life lies in the profoundly human voice of these two leading experts in parental alienation. The authors speak openly, the authors speak boldly, but most of all, the authors speak from a point of empathy and compassion.

Professor Gordana Buljan Flander, Ph.D.
Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Child protection consultant to UNICEF and Council of Europe expert.

About our work in the family courts

After over three years of struggle I thought that I would never have a relationship with my daughter.  I had used barristers, a contact centre, Cafcass workers, independent social workers and a psychologist to no avail; after 23 court hearings I thought that the were no further options available to me.  I was informed of the Family Separation Clinic and the work of Karen Woodall through a father in a similar position.  After The FSC’s careful and considered assessment of the situation and report to the court I now have shared care of my daughter.  Without Karen’s input and the input of the Family Separation Clinic I know that this would not have been possible.
Richard, Father to Miranda aged 10

I shudder to think what would have happened to my children without your input. You were there from the start to help us to understand what to expect when the children were moved to live with us and you were always available to guide us through the difficult times. Your skill in helping the children to adjust to the changes was obvious and we will always be grateful to you for your professional and knowledgeable care at such a difficult time.
Mr F and his wife, receiving parents of three children in a transfer of residence in 2017, now reunited, healed and in a shared parenting arrangement.

Without you my children would still be alienated. You have not only helped me to understand and cope, you have reunited me with my children and helped me to heal them. It is not possible to put a value on what you have done for my family.
James, father to two children, now reunited and healed.

Thank you for your help throughout all of the difficult times we have faced, you have brought us to a place where we both understand what has happened and know what to do to assist our child. This has been a long road but you have done everything possible and more to help the children and to make sure that they are properly healed from the problems we saw in them before you worked with us. As a parent I feel more confident and more capable of doing what the children need and can spot the signs that they are not coping so well in plenty of time to prevent the behaviours from starting up again. I have learned a lot from you both and you have always made me feel that I am capable of doing this.
Alexandrea, mum to three boys in a shared care arrangement.

About our other work with families

Your writing kept me alive at a time when I didn’t think I could go on. Your words and your compassion jump out and hug me when I feel most alone. Being an alienated parent is a terrible, horrible experience. I am ignored, I am blamed, I am alone in this nightmare experience. When I need help there is no-one to give it and so I come to read your words and I know that I am not alone, that there is someone who understands and someone who cares.
Jaynie – Mum of three boys who are alienated from her.

Your coaching was the beginning of a journey to understanding and healing and because of that I am coping much better so that I will be here when they come home.
Mark -Father to two children aged 6 and 8

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