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The International Academy of Practice with Alienated Children

The International Academy of Practice with Alienated Children is founded by the Family Separation Clinic in London.

Involving senior clinicians from Croatia, Malta, Republic of Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Israel and the USA, this International Academy is founded upon successful clinical practice using psychoanalytic analysis, structural family therapy and therapeutic parenting approaches.

The International Academy of Practice with Alienated Children held its bi-annual conference in Israel in 2022. Featuring senior clinicians in the field of clinical and developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, relational trauma, structural family therapy, attachment psychology, intensive short term psychotherapy and court involved psychology, this conference was for practitioners who are seeking to develop a practice with this group of families which is child focused, alienation aware and successful in treating the problem of induced psychological splitting in children of divorce and separation.

You can find out more about the conference and how to access recordings of the presentations in it by pressing the picture below.

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