EAPAP 2018 – Photographs and Film Clips, Slides and Presentations

The EAPAP Conference 2018 took place on August 30/31st at the Cavendish Centre in London.

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The Family Separation Clinic and the Child and Youth Protection Centre in Zagreb are the co-founders of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners.  This photograph with Sir Paul Coleridge, former High Court Judge who chaired day one of the conference.



Featuring presenters from seven different countries, the conference was attended by almost 150 delegates.

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The conference launched the internationally recognised standards of practice in the field of parental alienation.

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And brought significant attention around the world to the issue of pathological splitting and the abuse of a child.

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More photographs and film of the conference will be posted on the EAPAP website after September 15th 2018.


And you can find out more about membership of EAPAP by visiting http://www.eapap.eu from mid September 2018.

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Sir Paul Coleridge, former High Court Judge and Chair of Marriage Foundation, listed the following as headlines from the Conference

The need for EAPAP is proven without doubt.

There is a need for worldwide standardisation of terms

There is an urgent need for highest quality training of all professionals – especially judges (2/3 of work done by magistrates – they need support)

There is a need for speed in the process of identification of parental alienation – court needs to recognise and act quicker (including judicial continuity)

Therapy (the go to easy option) is a complete waste of time without being held within the court process and delivered as set out by EAPAP.

The steps advocated by EAPAP are endorsed.

The Caliber of speakers at the EAPAP Conference has been gold standard


Slides and presentations from the Conference will be uploaded in mid September.
Film from the Conference will be available in due course and we will alert you here and on the EAPAP website when that is available.