The Family Separation Clinic

The Family Separation Clinic offers services to parents in high conflict or difficult separations and to the professionals who work with them.

The Clinic specialises in working with families where children have rejected a parent or are at risk of doing so.

Run by highly skilled and experienced professionals, the Clinic offers a discreet and confidential service which is tailored to the individual needs of families experiencing separation. Referrals can be accepted from solicitors, local authorities, 9.5 Guardians, other family court professionals and parents themselves.

You can reach the Family Separation Clinic here


  1. What do you do when a parent is trying to control, lie and manipulate a child into believing they are the victim of a relationship breakdown? This is ruining any chance for the other parent of having a healthy relationship with their child. Is this parent alienation? After six court hearings, the judges just don’t seem to take this seriously enough.


  2. Hello.
    To protect myself and children I’m writing to ask some questions regarding alienation.
    I have been told I am alienating.
    Yet I find things that say I’m this or that.
    Posts my kids may eventually hate me.
    There are several occasions of missed visits from other parent.
    Divorced 5 years.
    I am remarried.

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