About me

Expert Services

I am an expert in working with families affected by Parental Alienation. I provide expert witness services and I also provide reunification services for families.  If you wish to instruct me you must use the paperwork we provide at the Family Separation Clinic which includes information about how we work.

Please also contact office@familyseparationclinic.co.uk for information on costs, timescales and my CV.

About My Work With Families

I am recognised as an international expert in both assessment and treatment of parental alienation.  I work to internationally recognised standards of practice when I assist families and I do not offer generic therapy in any circumstances in cases of parental alienation.

I am a member of the Parental Alienation  Study Group which is a worldwide group concentrating on awareness and research into the problem and I am co-founder of the European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners, which is working to establish and regulate standards of practice in work with children and their families affected by parental alienation in fourteen countries in Europe.

Other Things About Me

I am also a writer and researcher on everything to do with families and family separation. I write for Huffington Post on the Psychology of everday living and I am currently writing a series of children’s books to help them with the difficulties which arise after their parents divorce or separate.

In my research, I am particularly interested in intergenerational trauma patterns and how they feature in cases of Parental Alienation. At the Family Separation Clinic I work with colleagues on development of treatment routes for families affected by the problem.

You can contact me at the Family Separation Clinic here

The Family Separation Clinic offers  coaching for alienated parents all over the world by Skype as well as a range of other services to support families in the UK.

Warning:  This blog is my personal view, it is not that of the Family Separation Clinic.  You should be aware however that if you are in court proceedings you should not post on this blog using your real name or anything that can identify you as it can prejudice outcomes.

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