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One of the things that we do at the Family Separation Clinic is publish papers and documents which you can use to inform people about Parental Alienation and its impact on you, your children and their wider family. The above is one of the documents that you can download from the site.

In our work with families, we educate as we go along, training CAFCASS, the Judiciary, Schools and Nurseries and GP’s about the impact of alienation and how it can be helped.

We always encourage all parents and wider family to share in the information spreading as much as possible, so that the ripple effect of sharing information and experience, creates positive change for other people who are affected or who may be affected in the future.

Please visit us at the Family Separation Clinic or email us at for a list of documents that you can use to help your case and/or spread the word.

In the past we have presented to CAFCASS Cymru and the Judiciary in Wales and at the House of Commons with Professor Bala from Canada.  in recent weeks we have presented to the Judiciary in Derby and will shortly be presenting to CAFCASS in Derby, on the work we do and how partnership working can raise awareness. I will shortly be presenting to the Missing Children Europe Conference in Brussells and In November I will be speaking at the Family Law Association of Scotland’s Annual Conference.  Awareness raising alongside working with families is an important part of what we do at the Clinic and as we move closer to launching new projects, books and forums,  we will increase this work right across the UK.  Keep checking back for details and for our resources which are working on now.  All of this helps us to raise awareness and strengthen the understanding of professionals as well as parents.  Come and join us in raising awareness and sharing information, we are getting ready for a very exciting autumn.

All of our downloadable resources are free of charge and can be widely circulated.  You are free to share them providing that you always credit the Family Separation Clinic as the source.