Saturday and we are again working on the new website, not much longer to go before we can unveil for you the new way to empower yourself as a parent affected by the loss of a child after family separation.  This has been a long time coming and a real labour of love for us as we have fitted the development of our site around our work with families and the completion of the new self help handbook for parents affected by alienation everywhere.

Our new site has links to other organisations working in the field across the world, we are drawing together people who are working in the field either professionally or informally as parents and people who are interested in helping parents to help themselves.  This is about empowering families to be alienation aware and to build networks of help that parents can turn to whenever they need it.  Our trusted expert site will list practitioners we trust, both here in the UK and beyond, to help you.  We help you to ask the right questions of experts and to be prepared for working with them as well as avoid the pitfalls that come from working with alienation unaware practitioners who either do not understand or dismiss the concepts of alienation.

As part of our development of a network of contacts we have been introduced to the International Support Network for Alienated Families and we will be meeting up online with them shortly to discuss how we can work together to increase support to families everywhere. Like all ideas whose time has come, INSAF are also developing questions to ask your expert alongside self help services for families everywhere.  INSAF is run by parents for parents.  We look forward to combining our forces to illuminate the issues, provide help where it is needed and further the debate around parental alienation based upon direct work with families affected by it. Empowered parenting is the future when it comes to working with parental alienation around the globe and I am hugely optimistic about the changes we can bring to the lived experience of alienated parents and their children everywhere.

I will be announcing the launch of the new site shortly as well as unveiling the name and directing you to it.  In the meantime, as we complete it, you can send in your ideas and thoughts about what would be most helpful for you.  We will cover as many topics on the subject as you tell us you want us to, as well as all the subjects and themes we know will help you to become confident enough to cope over the longer term. We have some wonderful UK based experts lined up to help you as well as some international voices who can offer insight and learning from afar.  We will be translating best practice from around the globe into useable strategies for the UK and Europe and some inspiring stories of how things can change when you build the right strategy.

Most of all we will be providing a safe place where the subject of parental alienation can be discussed, where help can be obtained and where you can meet others who are coping with the problem so that you do not feel alone.

The lived experience of alienated parents does not have to be desperate or dismissed, joining together to be the change we want to see in the world brings hope as well as the satisfaction of shared endeavour.

I will be announcing lift off on here shortly, I am looking forward to welcoming you all to our new home.