I am not going to argue with Dr Childress or his fans on this blog.  End of.

Doc C didn’t post my responses to his last round of knee jerk reactions to my posts and so as far as I am concerned we are just not going there on this blog either.

The idea that separation protocols are not used where they are indicated at the Clinic is an utter nonsense as Doc C would understand if he bothered to pick up the phone and call me.  Dorcy and I are communicating, we understand each other, all Doc C has to do is find out what we do and how we do it and he too would understand that we are not on opposite sides theoretically though we are on the opposite side of the pond geographically and legislatively.

UK interventions which are working are what I am talking about on this blog and here’s the thing – they are working and they are working using the differentiation routes which are developed and used by practitioners all around the world.  I know they are working because I not only write about parental alienation, I am the person at the Clinic who goes and does the work of removing the children from the parent when we recommend it and the court decides it should happen.  Sometimes I wonder if Doc C and his fans wilfully ignore that fact. Similarly, I wonder whether there has been a deliberate ignoring of the fact that the first case I wrote about in my last post was about the removal of the children. A removal which I undertook and worked through carefully to the successful conclusion. All that seems to be ignored in favour of cherry picking and knee jerk reacting to suit a particular agenda.

And here’s the other thing – not all alienation is caused by personality disordered parents. And that’s all there is to it. My last post wasn’t a dig at Doc C it wasn’t a scientific study and it wasn’t a claim that I don’t support (or in fact carry out) protective separations.

And that Doc C and fans, is all there is to it really.

As you were.