These past few months have been hectic and have meant that much of our work at the Family Separation Clinic has been about managing many different projects at the same time. Currently we have so many things happening that it is very difficult to keep up with them all and so, in order to ensure that we complete these, I am taking time out from writing here until September.

Additionally I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder in recent months, which means that my writing is affected as is my general mobility. Frozen shoulder means that I cannot drive or even get dressed easily some days and so in order to take care of myself first (priority rule for all mental health professionals), resting from all non essential tasks is necessary. (I should say that I am getting a lot better with the help of Trigger Point Therapy provided by a wonderful Osteopath at Bodyworks Clinic in London –  thank you so much to Peter Clarke for his amazing treatment which is restoring the link between my brain and my shoulder and allowing me to live a more normal life again).

I know that this blog provides a lot of support to parents all over the world however and therefore I will continue to post regularly, some of which will be reposting of old posts, some of which will be things that I think will interest you. Please feel free to keep on commenting and discussing.

We have so many projects to bring to completion.   We now have a US publisher for the new book  and will be finishing that in the next ten days.  We also have supporters to help us with Parental Alienation Direct and will be completing that in July.  In August we will be delivering training in  Croatia and come September, our new reunification partnership called Family Perspectives will be formally launched alongside all of our other projects. You can see why I need to focus and concentrate, having had a lot of media coverage in recent weeks the Clinic is absolutely overwhelmed with demand for services and we need to line up all of our new projects to meet this need.

You can continue to get help from the Family Separation Clinic where we offer skype coaching to parents all over the world. You can also instruct us in cases.  We are currently working in consultancy to several social work teams and as I said earlier will be training in Croatia in August helping others to deliver what we are delivering here in the UK.

I continue to work with alienated children and their families on a daily basis and will continue throughout the summer to deliver on those cases where I am already instructed. I am taking special care of a handful of families in pre and post reunification work and these families are priority until their children are safe. As a result, I am having to limit the number of instructions I accept at the moment as I am both in need of rest and time to focus and study. I will accept new instructions but will not be able to deliver on any until October 2016.

Although it feels hard to put down some of my many projects, sometimes it is necessary to do so in order to ensure that a bigger outcome is achieved. Timeout is necessary for everyone and for me at the moment it is a must. I will therefore see you all in September when I will return with links to all of our completed projects.  Until then I will keep posting topics of interest and wish you all well until I return.

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