Child Focused Family Law

Readers will be interested to read this article from Brian Ludmer, a hugely respected Attorny in Canada and author of The High Conflict Divorce with Amy Baker and Michael Bone.

Neuroscience is telling us more and more about how the brain develops, anyone working in this field absolutely has to have a good grasp on this subject, children deserve adults supporting them who are absolutely grounded in the psychology and neurobiology of the children they seek to support.

This welcome article is essential reading.

6 thoughts on “Child Focused Family Law”

  1. QUOTE:
    “The implications that need to be considered challenge the historical assumptions about the weight to be put on the views and preferences of teenagers in custody disputes; the cognitive ability of children to handle having to make choices between their parents; and the ability of children to independently instruct counsel.”

    CAFCASS and Social Services: Please read this! PLEASE….

    Karen: Thanks for posting this. Instinctively, a lot of us knew this…..


    1. yes, we do, but the target audience is not us….it’s those who’ve made this discussion page necessary


      1. It seems to me more and more people are coming to this site, and more and more of those are the so-called-professionals-involved-in-court as Karen’s good work is being recognised in the law courts more and more. So, therefore, it’s not just “us”, alienated, that are coming, but other’s who are researching Karen as well. DareIsayit, and yes I do, but I hope these people include cafcass, social services, lawyers, and even judges…..

        Well, we can hope anyway


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