Living Congruently in an Incongruent World

This is a new venture for me. It is a broader, wider approach to supporting parents and wider family members who are on the journey beyond where they can rescue their children and who are learning how to wait and hope and seeking to live a congruent life whilst doing so. I will be writing for A Congruent Life regularly, it is my journey on that road beyond the court process and into the world where parents wait for their children to get free. I will be sharing stories on here from parents whose children did get free and will be interviewing children as well as their parents about those things which helped them most. Here is where those who wait are welcome. Here is where we will not push the river but learn how to help it flow.

A Congruent Life

The world we live in is shaped by the lens we look at it through. The lens we look at life through is shaped by our experiences and our thoughts and feelings about those.  When life is hard and devoid of joy and happiness, the lens we look through becomes clouded with our anxieties and with fear of the future.  In a world which is incongruent in so many ways, living congruently becomes incredibly difficult.  Living congruently however is the key to so many things about being and staying mentally healthy. Living the way that you want to live, being the person you want to be and experiencing the world around you as benign rather than hostile depends on being able to feel that you have some control in your life.  Much fear arises when life feels out of our control, stepping back into your power over your own life…

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