The Tao of Peaceful Sleep

For those who need to heal.

A Congruent Life

The older I get the more I understand that sleep is the essence of all things healthy and the restorer of faith in myself and all of those things which I encounter in my daily life. When I feel tired I feel unable to cope, when I am sleep deprived I feel worn down and low, when my mind is too busy to sleep, the next day becomes a nightmare. Sleep is, for me, the foundation of all health and peace of mind and how we relate to sleep is a good indicator of how we relate to life (and death).

For anyone suffering psychologically, for whatever the reason, sleeping can become an impossible dream. Night-time can become enemy territory with an endless battle of mind which prevents the letting go into oblivion.  There are many many reasons why some people cannot sleep but here I am focused upon loss…

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