Betwixt and Between

May your congruent life bring you riches beyond compare.

A Congruent Life

The days between Christmas and my return to work are usually spent with family and then together with my husband Nick at our Cornish retreat, a place which I treasure because of the healing it brings.  Working as we do, on many different projects at once,  the hours are long and we are often miles apart as we both travel a lot in our work. When it comes to the winter break, which is the only time we close our work down properly each year, it is a much needed period of reflection and review.  This is one of my favourite times, because it is when I can uncouple myself from the pressures of assisting others and focus upon myself.  This time betwixt and between, is when the ideas for the coming year’s projects really begin to crystalise, though they have been in the making for sometime.  This time of…

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