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Readers may be interested in a new venture being convened by the Family Separation Clinic in London.  The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners will hold its inaugural meeting in Prague on July 11th 2017.  Hosted by the Family Separation Clinic, the idea for the Association arose in partnership work with the colleagues in Croatia, the Netherlands and Belgium, through recognition that working together, with the difficult problem of parental alienation,  brings mutual support, learning and stronger outcomes for children and their families.

The European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners starts from a place of recognition of international best practice in intervention in cases of parental alienation and member practitioners will be committed to the furthering of knowledge and understanding of the importance of working in ways which are known to assist alienated children.  The Association will provide for practitioners, a safe place in which discussion can be held about working methods which may be considered controversial in some member countries, but which are known to offer the swiftest route to liberation of children from the psychological bind which is caused by parental alienation.  This safe place is created so that the generation of new ideas and strategies for informing policy and practice in member countries, can take place in such a way that practitioners feel supported and secure in their ongoing professional development.

We are delighted that William Bernet M.D.who is President of the Parental Alienation Studies Group will be present at this meeting to give an address and support this European initiative.  Members from eight EU countries are currently listed to attend and we welcome all practitioners in this field to join us.

I am very excited to be part of this venture which leads on from our work in the UK and our partnership work with the City Child Protection Centre in Zagreb.  This year we are training in four EU countries and in the USA and Canada as well as delivering at key conferences in the UK.  This is all part of our work to raise awareness of the problem of parental alienation. This particular venture is part of our work to raise awareness of the needs of practitioners in the field who as readers know, are often under attack from parents and other practitioners, making the field incredibly difficult to survive in for some.  The aim of the Association is very much to nurture strength amongst practitioner groups and to share our knowledge and skill to further the outcomes we can deliver for children and families.  I have been delighted by the interest shown in this idea and look forward to growing the seeds we have planted in collaboration with esteemed colleagues across Europe.